10 Desires of a Girl.

1. Lots of clothes in her cupboard.images

2. A whole collection of branded BAGS.01c59a2448970d6ecffcf94c00ce091a.761x329x1

3. An independent personality with a sound touch of dependence on others.630px-Be-a-Cute-Guy-Step-9

4. A special someone to take care of her childishness.

5. A special message from someone very special each day.ValentinesProject_SecretMessageCard2_LesleyCoope

6. A good spa treatment at the end of each day.Top+Five+Spa+Treatments







download 315333420_be309939c77. An endless shopping journey. 532

8. A flawless skin.woman-with-clear-skin








9. Every shade of nail paint.images (1)







10. A DESIRE to drive a car better than anyone else.


Young woman driving car



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  1. Author
    Bakhtawar 3 years ago

    Lol, I will go with all of them :p

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