10 Oddest Couples- Strange Love Stories

Let us read aout 10 different oddest couples, starting with Anna and Borris:

This newly married couple had to be separated soon after 3 days  of their marraige, as Borris had to go for a fight with his army. When he came back form the war, he realized that Ana and her family has been exiled and moved away. For more than 60 years they were separated.

But on one amazing day and the luck payed their way and they fortunately met by chance.Russia_reunite_2475129b     When Borris visited his parent’s grave he thereby noticed a familiar face women standing on the top of the house where the two lived.  She too noticed and recognized him, and they were together after 60 years.



Coming down to yet an amazing couple;

Douglas and Claudia,

Douglas and Claudia

Douglas and Claudia

This couple has one small similarity that is they both are short. Douglas’s height is 35 inches while Claudia measures at 36 Inches. Together they make world’s shortest couple because if we put their height together their collective height is less then 6 feet.


Herbert and Zelmvra Fisher:

Herbert and Zelmvra Fisher

Herbert and Zelmvra Fisher

They have been married for over 80 years. This amazing couple have not moved from their first house in North Calorina.





Ahmed Dore and Safia Abdullah:

112 year old man is married to  17 year old lady. This is Ahmed’s 6th wedding and their age difference is about 9 years. This odd couple lives in Somalia.

Eugine & Adeline:

They happened to be the first couple who have won a multi billion dollar lottery twice. In 1997 they won a 10 Million $ Lottery followed by winning a 5 Million $ Lottery in 2007.

Martin and Anna Swan:

Anna was 4 feet and 5 and a half inches tall in the age of 5. The kentuchy giant was 7 feet 11 inches tall who fall in love with Martin who used to work with her. Their collective height reached upto 14 feet & 7 inches.

Martin and Anna Swan

Martin and Anna Swan

Kelly Hildebrandt & Kelly Hildebrandt:
This odd couple met at facebook and turned out their name & surname is exactly same.

Kelly Hildebrandt & Kelly Hildebrandt

Kelly Hildebrandt & Kelly Hildebrandt

Jayla Cooper and Jose Griggs

Jayla Cooper and Jose Griggs

Jayla Cooper and Jose Griggs:
This couple has a sad story, The nine year old Jayla was fighting with cancer( leukiemia) and wanted to get married to her 7 year old best friend Jose.
Upon her wish, their families agreed and they both got married but unfortunately they Jayla couldn’t survive.



Harry and Pepper

Harry and Pepper:
Harry & Pepper are two such male Penguins, one of the most Oddest Couples, who are seemed to be involve in each other sexually. Out of the norms, these two penguins are always together but against their will they will never be able to reproduce. They always seem to look for some eggs which they can hatch and start a family.




Jenna Bently & Bell Brown:
Because of the significant Age difference between these two, Jenna Bently & Bell Brown are of the oddest couple we know recently. This odd couple whereby Jenna Bently, a super Hot Model is involve with an elderly Rich businessma and they have seem to be enjoying each other’s company for more than 5 years.




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