12 years of slave, a story of bravery

It a story of brutality vicious account of slavery and its cruel nature that speaks the devastation and its tragedy in a glimmer mode of hope all-star cast in it is beyond superb , Specially Chiwtel ejiofor gives his best performance of his career,Michael fassbender gives an viious and powerful performance , brad pitt is excellent and lupita nyong o gives an emotionally devastation and powerful act.

When Solomon Northup was a slave?

Same as in the film, the Solomon Northup was tricked and oversubscribed into slavery in 1841 and failed to regain his freedom till January 3, 1853.

He was hired by a men for two weeks as a tourist in a Washington with their theatrical company, at that time he was kidnapped and sold out as a slave in New Orleans and given by a name of platt, where he spend misery of his 12 years as salve, where he works in the plantations and get abused by his master , this happened every day until he met a Canadian abolitionist bass that he promised him that he will send a letter to his family.

Was Solomon Northup married with 2 children?

According to the research, 12 years a slave is a true story, we have a tendency to discover that Solomon Northup married Anne Lionel Hampton on Christmas, 1828. In contrast to the picture show, they have 3 kids along, not two. At the time of the capture, Elizabeth, Margaret and Alonzo were 10, 8 and 5, respectively.

This is the story speaks a courage and resilence of one man who had faith and, both in its humanism and its depiction of institutionalized savagery.


Did a sailor actually murder one in all the slaves on the ship?

No. the Solomon Northup did come back up with an idea to require over the brig Orleans alongside 2 different slaves, Arthur and parliamentarian. However, in contrast to what happens within the film, parliamentarian failed to die once being injured once he came to the defense of Eliza, UN agency within the movie is on the verge of being raped by a sailor. Instead, parliamentarian died from pox and also the commit to take over the ship was scrapped.

Was Solomon Northup’s name actually changed?

Yes. Proof discovered whereas researching verity story behind twelve Years a Slave confirmed that Solomon Northup’s name was if truth be told modified to Platt Hamilton. an officer record of the name seems on the April 1841 manifest of the brig Orleans, the ship that carried Northup southward from the Port of Richmond, Virginia to the Port of latest Orleans, Louisiana.

During the antebellum of the United State of America a black man Solomon nothup is kidnapped and force to go under slavery with the name of Platt , through his faith and will power courage hi survived and passed those 12 years in a slavery.

Was Edwin Epps actually as cruel as shown in the movie?

Yes. In fact, the important Edwin Epps was crueler than actor Michael Fassbender portrays him to be within the film. Additionally to Edwin Epps being overcome by “dancing moods”, wherever he would force the exhausted slaves to bounce, in world, Epps conjointly had his “whipping moods”. Epps sometimes found himself during a “whipping mood” once he was drunk. He would drive the slaves round the yard and whip them for fun.

Did Edwin Epps actually chase once Solomon with a knife?

Yes. Within the moving-picture show, once Solomon Northup (Chiwetel Ejiofor) fetches Patsey (Lupita Nyong’o), he tells her to not look in Epps direction and to continue on walking. Edwin Epps (Michael Fassbender), UN agency was [*fr1] intoxicated and considering satisfying his lewd intentions toward Patsey, demands to understand precisely what Solomon aforementioned to Patsey. Once Solomon refuses to inform him, he chases once Solomon with a knife, eventually tripping over the fence of a pig pen. Within the book, he will chase once Solomon with a knife, however there’s no mention of him tripping over the fence.

Did Patsey and Mistress Shaw actually talk over tea?

No. within the moving-picture show, Patsey (Lupita Nyong’o) and Mistress Shaw (Alfre Woodard), the black married person of a sodbuster, have a spoken language over tea. This scene was fabricated for the film. Director Steve McQueen wished to allow Mistress Shaw (Alfre Woodard) a voice.

How and when did Solomon Northup die?

The last known details regarding Solomon Northup’s life square measure largely speculative and nobody is for certain of his precise fate. It’s believed that he may need been committed the flight up till the beginning of the yank war. There also are reports of angry mobs disrupting speeches that he gave at crusader rallies. This includes speeches that he was giving in Canada within the summer of 1857. Some believe that this might have led to him being dead, whereas others have conjectured that its potential he was kidnaped once more, or that his 2 former kidnappers UN agency had been unproven went searching for Northup and killed him. Sure members of his family have passed down the story that he had been killed in Mississippi in 1864, however there’s no proof to support that claim. Associate degree 1875 big apple State Census lists his married person Anne’s legal status as “Widowed”. No grave of Solomon Northup has ever been found. -Solomon Northup: the entire Story of the Author of Twelve Years a Slave

Its not the duty of critics to tell which movie to watch and which to avoid, audience usually takes decision for themselves. In 1909 jhon Henry Northup, henry nephew he wrote something “the last I heard of him , so lecturing in Boston to help sell his book all at once he disappeared . we believe that he was kidnapped and taken away or killed” by some records or letter that somes after his strange death or we can say vanished , that was written in the 1930s which was by jhon R . smith in this letter he said that his father Rev jhon L smith , a Methodist minister in Vermont , had worked with nothup and former slave tabs gross in early 1860.

Given the film’s topic, it’s obvious to say that 12 Years a Slave is moving, however it’s a demonstration of the filmmaking exactly how wrecking the experience of watching it really is.

12 Years a Slave isn’t a simple watch and nor ought to or not it’s. however with the exception of a somewhat distracting third-act anaglyph by co-producer Brad Pitt, it’s pitched pretty much perfect in terms of sheer narrative accomplishment. this can be a vital story, told with passion, conviction and style. Must watch.




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