2nd Most Beautiful Capital of the world? What the citizens of Islamabad have to face!

Islamabad, the capital town of Pakistan, has been hierarchical second within the list of world’s most stunning capitals followed by Paris, Washington, Berlin and Japanese capital. London remained at the highest of the list that enclosed 10 most stunning capitals of the planet. Russian capital, Moscow, remained at bottom of the listThe beautiful Capital

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Considering the background of Islamabad, this city has always been satisfying  its citizens for all its need whether providing the best residential service to providing the best food with a variety of restaurants.
To make this city an eye catching place,CDA-Capital Development Authority strives its best to make it look Green and Clean.
Till the time this city has been designed new variations like construction of avenues, flyovers and roads has created a mess for the citizen. Moreover special thanks to our beloved Government and the authorities who don’t go for a determined plan and reconstruct the previous developments by  implementing new plans which they think are best now. I totally understand that with time you definitely come up with innovative plans but please think twice before you execute or implement a new plan.
Unfortunately, starting from the construction of Faizabad Interchange  to the construction of Metro Bus Service, all  the hustle and bustle to build new roads and bridges has created a new mess for it’s citizens.



Construction- Disruption

Muddy Roads

Muddy Roads

Construction -Destruction



Three major problems being long-faced within the national capital portion of the construction project is :

1. The absence of comprehensive traffic set up, which allows citizen to wisely chose their traffic linkages to reach their destination without getting stuck in the construction area.
2. Shifting of service lanes, to help the locals reach their concerned destinations
3. The issues of mud and dirt being created as a result of excavation and construction work. Which is obviously not possible to control completely but efforts can be done to reduce this trauma.







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