7 Habits of highly effective people

Enlisted below are 7 important habits which one should develop for being a top performer while working in any environment:
1. Be Pro-Active: 
Think ahead of what you are experiencing right now. Complete your current task and look ahead with an optimistic approach for a better future. Keep your mind running in the right direction.
7 Habbits of Effective People (1)

2. Begin with an End in your mind:

7 Habbits of Effective People (2)



Always think what could be more beneficent in the long run. You need to identify what is important for you at the end of the day.






3.Prioritize Your Tasks, Minimize the noise around you:

B7 Habbits of Effective People (3)y noise I mean the unnecessary things roaming around your head, which occupies your attention and to some extent are not utilizing your time well. Try to note the time you spend on WhatsApp & Facebook one day. I understand you might find a few really good topics to learn but scrolling down your homepage is just a waste of time.

Minimize the Noise and utilize your time in healthy and effective activities.

First things First, Try to figure out the real important tasks in your life and then give them importance equally.

You need to figure out what is important for you to be achieved first. Try to fight for what is most important.



4.  Always Compliment your Rivals:

3d Männchen win win


If you are unable to fight against your rival, or if you are unable to beat him/her, always “Always” try to go for a Win-Win Situation, i.e try to look for an opportunity where you both equally get the benefit. It is just a game of your mind. Perhaps his/her efforts are making your department’s image strong, which in return will help you to succeed aswell.




5.  Work with Synergy:
This attic Greek word means: creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts.327441_stock-photo-people-turning-in-gears---synergy









6. Seek 1st to Understand then to be understood:
Try to listen to other’s Problem first and then say your heart out. Try to put yourself in their situation.


7 Habbits of Effective People (1)

7. Sharpen your Saw



Stephen R. Covey




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