8- Good Working Habits You Should Develop

This blog concerns a few things which every employee needs to keep in mind if they have to work in order to be successful. Personal satisfaction & your commitment towards your work is the key.

  1. 1st thing 1st, develop your attitude to work according to your assigned task. Most of the employee don’t put in some extra effort to develop their attitude towards their work. If you are not willing to do such task, leave it or I would suggest you to leave that job and work according to your aptitude.
    Build your attitude




99% is attitude and 1% is your skill.








  1. If you are early, you are on time

If you are on time, you are late,

If you are late, you are history.

job attitudes (3)The 1st impression you can put on your bosses is your willingness to be on time and show your attitude to work at the earliest.

Time management is the key to manage your success.





  1. Be prepared for what you have been asked to do. job attitudes (2)

If you don’t have the least knowledge about a concerned task, do your homework. Put in that extra effort to learn about any new stuff you are asked to work on. It is going to be helpful to you in future.




  1.       Be Smart -Sometimes working smarter is better than working harder.
    Be Smart

    Be Smart

  2.  Set your goals, donot mark your success as becoming a CEO of an enterprise but define your success in steps. Mark your goals in steps, become hard working, get a dream job, get a dream car and then help others achieve their goals. This is success.
  3.  Be determined and put in your best efforts for the smallest job.
    Be determined

    Be determined

  4. If you are working under someone’s supervision, always look for a job with a good immediate boss instead of a good job with a bad boss. Your immediate boss has the most powerfull effect on your learning and career building, as for he portrays your image to the authority and enables you work in the right direction.
  5. job attitudes (7)Be honest, optimistic and realistic in front of everyone.job attitudes (5)




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