A letter to Chief Minister Punjab


The Chief Minister,

Punjab, Pakistan

Subject: Issue of certification of Metro Bus as earth Quake resilient


Respected Sir,


It is stated that my concern regarding the strength of the metro bus bridges and pathway has been a continuous source of frustration after the horrible train incident of Gujrawala.

The height of the bridge and the vulnerability of the structure are of great concern as we all know that Islamabad and Rawalpindi are at the verge of experiencing the most drastic earth quakes , God Forbidden, because they are located at the fault lines.

Unfortunately, our country has a tradition of just neglecting the facts and enjoying the useless advantages of any facility that is being provided to us.

When in other countries huge skyscrapers or mega structure are being constructed, the first and the foremost concern of any construction company is the safety of the building. To check the strength, huge number of tests is being conducted and even after complete assurance, to avoid any unfavourable circumstances a lot of focus is on the safety of the mass who are somehow involved in its circle.

As a responsible citizen of Pakistan, I demand a complete test of the structural safety of this metro bus and its huge structures as I am allowed to do so. I sometimes use your metro bus when I don’t have any other convenience to go from Rawalpindi to Islamabad and even my family members use them. A lot of my neighbours, my class fellows, my university fellows use it and I believe they are all at the risk of God Forbidden a Danger.

I don’t want a speech from you where you give your condolences to the family members of those who lose their lives in drastic accidents. I want a precaution, a safety measure and a better and safe way of travelling for my fellow citizens.

As you  said that if Metro bus is a sin, you will do this sin again and again, but Mr chief Minister, Punjab, we “Public” are not your servants or puppets , who you would use to do your sins.

Please it’s a humble request to kindly conduct a safety test and let the public know if it is safe to use it.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours Sincerely,




A Pakistani!





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