Abdul Sattar Edhi Died! RIP Edhi

After fighting a prolonged sickness, the richest poor man is no more with us. download (3)
Abdul Sattar Edhi, the pioneer of the largest network of Ambulances in the world couldn’t survive the acute illness of  Kidneys.

Mr. Edhi didn’t only worked for the help of others but also encouraged each and every person to help others. For him humanity and being human was the only goal and that is why he dedicated his whole life along with his family to serve his mother’s dream of helping others.

Abdul Sattar along with his wife Bilquis Begum, served throughout their lives  for other. A true noble man, a sign of humanity, a true patriot who instead of accepting an offer to get treatment from abroad urged to stay in Pakistan till his last breathe unlike other personalities.
Upon asking for the award of Noble prize, he smiled and replied” Noble prize kia Qabar me leke jaonga?”
This great man willed to donate his eyes after his death so that he can gain as many good deeds even after his death.  download (2)

I am pretty sure it take ages to produce such a legend in this world. Edhi represented the true Islam, the true Pakistan, a country which was meant on the name of mot peaceful religion….. Islam.

For in the land of negativity, he was the most optimist. He even forgave the murderer of his son, who was allegedly killed for a revenge against him. Many a robbers and thieves also gave him huge respect for what he did for poor.

” No Religion is Better than humanity” Edhi.

His legacy will remain forever for he  gave hope to millions and the wealth he his taking with himself to the everlasting world is Un matchable.
We love you Edhi and we wont forget your endless efforts for those who lose all hope to fight for themselves.



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