Alien Pro- Alien Combat

Alien Pro- Alien Combat:

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

I am proud to see our youth excelling and taking initiatives to develop their own future instead of relying on others and waiting for any opportunity to come.

Honestly suggesting, a self effort is better than waiting to grab a deal of your choice as it encompasses learning and growth. Your education shows its worth when your theoretical knowledge is interpreted in a more practical manner.

  Alien Pro- screenshot



In this blog I would like to highlight the efforts of a young IT developer, Maaz Irfan who has developed a new game Alien Pro.
An amazing 2D runner game with great adventures of an Alien. This game involves helping the alien visit our world by avoiding different enemies and hurdles.

Link to download the game:








Reviews: This game involves the right tapping technique, the strength and duration of your tap defines the movement of the alien and helps it cross the hurdles and leaks in the right way. Preferably, this game suits young kids who would enjoy the colorful scheme and outlook. In addition, this is a simple tap to tap game and is not difficult to play.

  Alien Pro- screenshot



  Alien Pro- screenshot


  Alien Pro- screenshot




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