Amjad Sabri is no More! Death of a legend

Just as if we need to have breaking news, as if there won’t be dawn if there is not an alarming storydownload

As if we never knew good news, As if every positive moment is to be lived with a fear of negativity to follow.

Death was to be destined But when has human become evil destiny writers. They sure have a ugly pen soak in a bloody ink and I wish the evil will write its own destiny and not others Not yours not mine I fear God alone but I am worried about men. Everything is wrong about today, yesterday was just as bad.
Renowned Qawal of Pakistan, Mr. Amjad Sabri was shot dead today while he was travelling in Karachi City from his project site. Along with him two more people died at the spot. This Sufi singer was known for his melodious voice and soulful music that enthralled the hearts of millions. The tendency to grasp and engage his audience was just a single trick for his voice. He got his fame while reciting his father’s famous qawalis!
His famous duas and sufi music included:
Karam Mangta hn! Ata Mangta Hn!
Tajdar e Haram
Bhar do Jholi meri

His funeral ceremony will be held at Paposh Qabristan, Karachi.

Yet they said two wrongs never make a right and for the name of hope I believe the future is bright.

Wait, wait, Something is wrong today Because the future is here.

I am sorry it is not bright! Sorry for my promises,

Humans have failed Poverty proliferates, Kids die of hunger Children die of war, Children die of terrorism. They die of terms they have not even the slightest idea what it means Would you even dare to ask if there are happy people in our world The happy or the said to be happy The rich or the said to be rich Happiness lost its definition.

This definition now a secret Only the special knows Today is the Dark Age Hope is what I breathe




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