An Interview with Ex Minister for Education , National Youth Parliament Pakistan ” Sakina Gulab”


  1. Who is Sakina Gulab?
Sakina Gulab is just like any other ordinary girl, but what make her different areher dreams, her passion and hard work. She is an enthusiastic person who is obligated and sincere toward her work. I neverfeel uncomfortable from life problems as I believe in solving the problems.

11693077_10205993131859077_1498195983_nI am currently doing Graduation from SBBWU Peshawar.  I have participated in different games and have won multiple medals in diverse games including football, netball and basketball. I am very much fond of shooting as well. I have remained and active member of Youth Parliament Pakistan which isa mock parliament which provide a venue to Pakistani youth where I was given the educationministry. I have a passion for entrepreneurship too and see myself in nearfuture as an entrepreneur INSHALLAH.



  1. As you are a member of National youth parliament Pakistan; Can you educate us on the process of becoming a member of YPP?

Youth Parliament Pakistan is multitier selection process. Every year, Youth parliament Pakistan calls for interest of expression (Selection Forms) in the month of May on its website After being selected through the first step, the shortlisted participants arecalled for interviews in their respective provinces. Those who get through the interview process are asked to submit their achievement profile. There is a final selection and after that you become a member of the National Youth Parliament Pakistan.


  1. Why did you become a member of Youth Parliament Pakistan? Who was your inspiration?

Well To be honest, there was no inspiration for me, I was my own inspiration. I believed in myself and kept moving forward. I was always interested in politics but due to the lack of a proper platform Inever got the chance. I have a faith that youth can make a big difference, especially thefemale portion. I was always passionate to do something about my community where due to lack of awareness and ignorance women aredemeaned and belittled for their talent and abilities There were seven seats reserved for the candidates from the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the Youth Parliament Pakistan 2014-2015 and I was the only girl selected from the entire province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. And it was an honor for me to represent my province, my village and the women of KPK.

  1. Are any of your family members in politics as well? Or you are the alone flag bearer?

No, I am the only one in my family in politics although my father was a great support and he always encouraged me to discover new horizons.



  1. How the youth parliament works? What were the aims and objective at the time of establishment of the youth parliament?

Membership for Youth Parliament Pakistan is drawn from four provinces of Pakiatan Islamabad capital territory (ICT),Azad Jammu Kashmir, FATA and Gilgilt Baltistan (GB), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Pakistani citizens aged between 18-29 are invited to submit their expression of interest and the selected candidates are trained in parliamentary and legislative processes, critical thinking, fact based discourse and how to effectively contribute youth perspective to public policy issues on challenges facing Pakistan. The establishment and facilitation of the Youth Parliament Pakistan is part of PILDAT’s on the country’s youth demographic and its awareness, education and training in the norms of politics and democracy.

  1. You were the minister for education. What were your responsibilities and what you actually did during your tenure?

Being appointed as the Minister for Education was a great learning experience .As you know ministry comes with responsibilities. My duties included monitoring the research work, offending or defending the bills, resolution and motion in the House.I and my committee members did two research work on Madrassa Education 2014: Challenges and Reforms and Youth & Pakistani Politics, Challenges and Way Forward.

One of which got published in the Express Tribune, E-jang and La croix (French newspaper) and it was graded as good report by the President of PILDAT Mr.Bilal Mehboob and the Young Parliamentarian Forum invited us for Hi-Tea with them.

  1. Does being a girl effect how others listen or appreciate you or not? What is the scope for girls who want to enter politics?

I think it partially depends on you and partially on the community you live. In a man dominant country like Pakistan people appreciate you on your face but never really supports you back. Very few people are actually happy to see your success and admire it. But I want to tell all the girls that they should ignore their PHOPHOS and AUNTIES sarcastic talks that they should not get out of the house alone just because their sons would not marry themotherwise. They should not confined their selves to just an ideal married life but dream higher and work hard to achieve their dreams and goals.

The female candidates do not have an equal number of seats in the National Assembly. But again I want to say it depends on the person itself and those who want have the potential and determinations they can create their scope anywhere.


  1. Can a person without having the knowledge of politics sciences compete easily with others or not?

To qualify for Youth Parliament Pakistan I think you should have at least the basic knowledge of politics and you should have a good communication and public speaking skills. You don’t have to be excellent from the start because your skills eventually develop with the passage of time as you meet  your colleagues  form different part of the country,senior Politian’s and international ambassadors from different countries. There is also a 10 day study trip to Denmark those who show regular attendance and maximum parliament. I think it is a great opportunity to improve your political skills.

  1. In your view does a country like Pakistan really needs a youth parliament?

I think Pakistan really needs a youth parliament where majority of the population is the youth and most of it has not even the basic knowledge of politics. We need to educate our youth to eliminate the “dirty” factor of politics. Our youth is our future and unless and until we do not educate the youth we are not going to have the Pakistan our leaders like Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal dreamt about.

  1. Can we relate our youth parliament to the international ones?

Yes, we can definitely relate it to the international youth parliaments.Our Youth Parliament facilitates us in every possible way. We visit the National Assembly and observe how the senior politicians debate and legislate. We have tons of panel discussions, we have research committees’ where we execute research workon different issues prevailing in our society which affect us in a positive or negative ways, and we learn how to deal with the media personals. This one year tenure transforms you into a completely different person. We learn tolerance, valuing others point of view, respect your colleagues. Moreover, you make many amazing friends and the friendships last for a life time.

  1. Studies, politics, shooting, sports and touring, how Sakina does all that?

11721434_10205993131939079_1391800282_n (1)Huh, it’s not that easy but rather than sitting idle I prefer a busy life. I always like to engage myself in different healthy plus learning activities. I wanted to get good grades but I never wanted to be the book worm type rather I wanted to explore different opportunities.  I like sports because it is great way to socialize and meet new people. I am an adventurous person and I always take every new experience as an adventure and I think this is my plus point which really helps me in different stages of life.



  1. What is your future aim in which field would you like to pursue your career?

I want to become a successfulentrepreneur. As I am a BBA student I want to pursue my career in business. I want to setup my own business and I want to employee majority of the female there. I want to open a welfare organization where uneducated and unemployed women’s will be taught to different sewing and handicraft skills.

  1. Before we end this enthusiastic interview we would like to know your point of view on the politic scenario of in Pakistan?

I think the politics has gotten really tricky and unstable. Every party is fighting with each other Politicians should co-operate with each other and together should think for the good will and prosperity of our country. Our Politicians have not even solved the crisis of electricity what else should we expect from them? I think we need a whole new crew of active, enthusiastic, forthright and down –to-earth politicians who can think of the mutual good for Pakistan. We also need unity and harmony among the different political parties and to maintain peace throughout the country.

11713611_10205993131899078_1130888711_nOur country has great potential. We have great leaders, doctors, engineers. We just need to legislate properly and utilize their talents for the benefits of the country. And youth should be given more importance and representation in the parliament of Pakistan.




I would like to Thank Miss Sakina Gulab for her response and her time, further extending my gratitude, I would appreciate the efforts of Mr Hassan Nisar for exploring such gems and helping new talents to excel.

                                                                                                                                            Bakhtawar Mahmood




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