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Many people believe that every upcoming technology nowadays is soon going to change the world. However the vague concept of using technology as human replacement is another fear of the century.

People like to invest in things which give them double output with minimum input considering the macro economics. The generation before ours is though a bit TECHNOPHOBIC and most of them consider today’s electronic world as a threat to nature.whirlpool-65-kg-fully-automatic-washing-machine-whitemagic-650-sdi-rose-wine-large_e24d7b32be20bbcce31050356707939c

Today I am going to give you a technology review of one of the most important machine used at house and in hotels/ hostels/guest houses. Perhaps laundry is one thing which you need to do at least once in a week, as obviously you cannot afford to buy new clothes every day. It is perhaps one of the toughest tasks to wash, rinse and dry clothes and then expose them to sunlight to completely dry them.

Considering women in Pakistan where most of the women are house wives, they like to put in more efforts then to enjoy the technological revolution. Use of manual washing machines is very common amongst them where they need to manually put water, detergent and clothes and allow them to wash and then rinsing with hands and all is a troublesome procedure.


Though the new technology has brought fully automatic machines but people are afraid that they are expensive and use a lot of water and detergent.


Well, they surely don’t if you use them half manually. When washing clothes manually, you need to rinse off the detergent from the clothes several time and this procedure requires sufficient water. But when using automatic machine, add the sufficient amount of water by yourself and allow it to wash for another 3-5 minutes and then discard the water. Repeat the procedure twice and rinse off. You don’t need to take out your clothes and dry them manually by twisting them with your hands. Neither you trouble your back while rinsing clothes in a bucket. Large_d6f463479030fba5071c81a15bbf36e4


At the end of the day without removing the clothes everytime you get them wash and dry in the same tub with minimum water.





These machines can also be very amusing for the pets in the family. That circular motion of washing clothes is certainly keeping this cat interested.







Despite all their amazing features, these automatic machines also need love, care and respect. They certainly make my job a lot easier for me, and I’m sure for everyone else who uses them. They can fit into very small places and work as both the washer and the dryer. These machines are a must for every house. And yes one must treat them with care .




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