Avengers-Infinity war trailer (All you need to know)

We have got all the collection of Avengers-Infinity war trailer,
Ok so Thanos is here and in this one particularly we can see all the Avengers Super Hero one by one.

Well one of the thrilling part of this specific trailer is

“When I am done- Half of the humanity will still exist…..Thanos”


Who looks more hot?



So what are they all doing here? Any clues?

Hint” Soul stone”


Wakanda “The place where the fith soul stone is expected to reside”











It also includes a good humor of Spider Boy LOL Spider Man with Dr. Strange at the end clearly indicating that this Avengers infinity War is going to be a blast for sure. 
Well this scene is quite  fimilar isn’t is so? Well we can expect when the Thor and the people of Assgaurd are moving towards earth for building a new home a ship comes infront of it. Well I believe the Guardians of the galaxy are here to meet them.
One particular scene from the latest trailer indicate that Captain America is clash with Thanos and even with all his power, Captain is not able to withstand the force exerted by Thanos’ fingers only.
This can surely tell us how much Thanos is capable of destroying the humanity :/





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