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I bet all of us always want to make our CV/Resume look the best and most appealing one, but nevertheless we always forget a few tiny things which contribute into developing  a professional resume.

Let me start explaining some basic details into building a professional resume in order to make your CV look more appealing.

1. Write your CV name:

Most of the time we forget that first impression is the last impression, so always make your CV/Resume name i.e the file name with which you save your CV, with your name and year when it was updated. Having CVs name as AAAA or CV.doc portrays an image that you cannot put in some extra efforts in to typing your name ( Or you are not a perfectionist). Sometimes it is preferable to mention the name of the designation for which you are applying along with your name.

2. Valid Contact:

Sometimes we add about 2-3 contact numbers in our Contact Information and usually the number which comes first in the line is switched off or silent. When you are applying for your dream job, make sure to keep your cell phone on at all times. The opportunity can knock at any time.

3. Add additional contact details:

Always give an alternative route for an employer to approach you. Mention your email, LinkedIn & Skype ID incase your telephone was switched off.

4. Professional Email Address:

We as a teenager loved to create those fancy email addresses like cute_princess@gmail/ capt_sailor and blablabala!

Right? Well that is part of life and we shouldn’t regret it unless if we are still using those email accounts. Trust me this leaves a very unprofessional impression on anyone who reads it while hiring you. So right away change your email address and try to create one with professional touch.

5.  Mention your Experience at the top:

If you are a working professional and you want to update your CV to look for better opportunities, try not to forget to mention your experience before your qualification ( if you wish to work in the same direction).

6. Always mention your specialization with your qualification:

I did my MBA!

MBA in what? when and from where.

Always try to mention your complete educational qualification along with the year when you graduated and from where you graduated.

7. Mention your Key Skills:

Make it easier for potential employers to shortlist you while reviewing your CVs- How? Mention your Key skills!

8. Address and background in the end:

A few things like your family background, address and your marital status which are usually A Not SO IMPORTANT FACTOR should be diverged at the end of your CV. Your experience and qualification needs more attention- Duh!

I hope these points have helped you in making your CV look better.

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