Best Tips for best Adsence Revenue.

This blog will help you guys earn the best from a simple post using Adsence Account.
Kindly note the points and this is perhaps the best video which you all should go through once.


Adsence is the best account for any blogger to earn the best therefore I intend to share the best tips useful for increasing your Adsence Revenue.

1. Always add 1 -2 Advertisement Blocks on a single page.
2. There should be one simple and large block above the fold.
3. Always use Large and Medium rectangles for posting your adds.
4. Adds should always blend with the content.
5. Keep an eye on CPC .
6. Keywords are the key success.

7. CPC i.e Count per click is better then Count peer
8. CPC i.e Counts per click depend more on the topic you chose.
9. Keep your content specified to one subject.




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