Best Ways to beat the Heat in Summers

Best Ways to beat the summer heat and best remedies to keep yourself all cool in this hot summer are here:

  1. As the norms go,,,,, get yourself well hydrated, drink plenty of water, juices and eat food containing excessive amount of water.
    fresh juice

    Best way to neutralize your body temperature

  2. Summer is the best time to go for Spa. Get yourself a great manicure and pedicure. It will revitalize your skin and will give you a fresh feeling.
    This treatment will keep your skin hydrated aswell.


    Manicure + pedicure

  3. Use the Detoxifying water daily.
    How to make this water: Take a small piece of ginger, cucumber, a few leaves of mint and a slice of lemon and keep it over night in warm water.After the essence of the ingredients is extracted,  cool this water and drink it regularly before going to  sleep and early in the morning.
  4. To keep your skin fresh and glowing, always keep a spray bottle of rose water with yourself. Spray it occasionally, especially when you are in direct contact with the sun.
    The best way to neutralise your body temperature.

    Water- The best gift of nature


  5. If you don’t have an Air conditioner in your room, allow thorough cross-ventilation of air across your room. The cross-ventilation remedy will allow the cool air to stay at the bottom of the room while allowing the hot air to pass out.
    Cross ventilation technique

    Cross ventilation technique

  6. Try to exhaust the hot air out of the room, using exhaust fans or small fans directed outwards.
  7. Try to spill/spray water during evening on the roof of the house. The process of evaporation will exhaust out the excessive heat and cool the ceiling of the rooms. This will beat the heat of the room’s ceiling.
  8. Keep yourself away from the mobile phones and electronic gadgets, as they tend to heat up, when in use.
  9. Try to wear loose and sof
    Most of all, don’t forget to place some water outside your window for the birds to might be looking for it.

Please use these tips before the summer reaches its peak.




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