Cure to sadness!

We often make our lives miserable by not looking at the positive aspects which our life holds for us.
A little heart break, a small accident, a failure in a test and we consider that our life is no longer a one to be cherished.
Com’ On dude!
Use some of these tricks and check whether they help you or not. It surely helped me.:
1. Try to figure out what gives you more happiness, watch your favorite film especially a motivating one, or watch your favorite drama season.

2. For ladies, just sit back and relax. Take a break, we women consider ourselves to be the ultimate hero who holds the responsibility to cure every single life resonating in our circle.
You need the ME TIME.
Go to a parlour or a salon, get a good body massage, or a hair cut. Do the menicure or pedicure.
Buy yourselves some new clothes. Buy something for your house which will change the look of your interior. This will give a whole new look to life.
I usually shop online :p

3. Do meditation, for muslims its essential to pray 5 times and that is the best time you can meditate, you can connect yourselves with your God, and explore the meaning of your existence.

4. Go out with you friends or call them at your place. Friends are the best cure, when you need them the most. Call them and yes do call them, even its 2 o’ clock in the evening.

5. Love yourself. Appraise yourself.
If you won’t others won’t aswell.
So, Good luck, keep believing in yourselves. Do something which gives you and others the happiness you and they deserve.


Awaiting your comments, suggestions and inputs.


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