Captain America – An undercover Hydra Soldier

Captain America- An undercover Hydra Soldier

According to the latest buzz, Steve is no longer a Good Guy :/ This righteous Hero has diverted his path OR was it pre-planned?

Not happening, Perhaps this news is the biggest shocker after Marvel agreed that Capt America is going to end it’s role in the Comic Series ( He’s going to die).



The buzz is all about Capt America being a secret Hydra Soldier, but how and why? What was all that fight for? Wasn’t he the only one who took a stand against the Hydra alone? wasn’t he the only one to fight and combat against the secret conspiracy when Shield was being compromised by Hydra.
Facts may relate, the young boy of Brooklyn might have been kidnapped and was forced to be involved in Hydra’s terrorist activity just like Rogers’ Best buddy- Bucky Barnes was.

This news of Captain’s Negative side has reached the actor- Chris Evans, who plays the role of Captain America in the Marvel Universe – movie series. In his remarks, Chris  twitted:

Captain America- Chris Evan statement

Captain America- Chris Evan statement


So we might conclude that all this new buzz is fake and we can expect to see our Captain, as a good soul in all the remaining movies. Just like we all want this God’s righteous man to be.
Well to be honest, I wouldn’t have mind to see my Favorite in a negative role perhaps he like more cute and super hot.

Captain America Civil War is definitely a worth watching movie, the suspense as to who was the actual culprit was the kept till the end that kept the movie alive till the climax. I don’t know why, but this series involved a few scenes whereby the Capt, took some seriously ridiculous decisions which led him into trouble. I believe a few scenes were incorporated diligently to streamline the story but they were not so suited.
To be honest, the best part of the whole movie was the fight  between the avengers and the super funny conversation during the fight. I would love to watch this movie once more.




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