Christiano Ronaldo Mark on head- Interesting Fact

He is rude, he is arrogant, he is aggressive, He is the man with a Golden Heart! He is Christiano Ronaldo.

Many of us know Christiano Ronaldo for his outstanding Footballing skills and talent but a few us know how kind hearted soul he is.
when-journalists-turned-the-attention-of-the-public-to-the-hairstyle-it-turned-out-that-ronaldo-had-3One of evidence are the two lines appearing on the back of Ronaldo’ head symbolizes his love and sympathy for a young boy who had to go through a brain surgery and had these two lines left as a scar on his head. He dedicates his most of the Golden Shoe awards to help the victims of Syria and Palestine. He is one of the athletes who rejected a Commercial advertisement from one of the biggest company of the world -PEPSI- because it is an Isrealian company and Israel has started a Not so Fair game against the innocent Palestinians.  

He once refused to shake his hand with the Isreali’s Footballer just to show his solidarity to the innocents of Palestine. I wish we all can take a stand for them just like he does.

Without a doubt Christiano Ronaldo is the most loved Footballer in the world scoring some exciting goals in all prominent Leagues.Recently at the beginning of this year, FIFA Player of Year vote breakdown was snatched by Christiano Ronaldo with a majority of 34.54% votes.

His love for people and dedication towards humanity not only makes him a super star but a Super Hero.



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