Communication skills, Learn and Lead.

How to improve your Communication Skills is basically the most common and attention seeking question you all might hear every where.
Considering my experience I would love to share a  few tips which might be useful for you to learn.
1. First thing, Develop confidence in your self. Consider yourself worthy enough, speak loud and clearly because each and every word utter by you is worth listening and to be appreciated by others. The day you will give yourself importance , the day you are going to get importance.

2. Make your personality subtle. You don’t need to wear eye catching colors, talk rubbish, crack stupid jokes or smoke a cigarette. You might be able to grasp some people’s attention for time but sooner or latter they are going to call you lame. Make yourself presentable , knowledgeable and decent.

3. Speak less in small gatherings so when you will have to speak in big crowd you have plenty of stuff. BE BRIEF AND SPECIFIC.

4. Try to learn. If you are born with an attitude to learn each and every new thing you come across with,the more      vulneLearning-how-to-learnrable you become to improve your  each and every skill. Its definitely not all about speaking good English, its about how good you are with any language. Your vocabulary , your pronunciation and your confidence make a language worth appraising by anyone. There is no harm in joining short courses and getting help from someone but take a step forward and learn.
5. Try to speak up in your mind. Considering a possible situation, make  a dialogue and speak up in your mind.



6. LISTEN TO OTHERS. The more you will get the input the more you are going to give the output.




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