A new World Record.

I have been planning this trip for a few years and it is a logistical nightmare
 David Medewar
With an aim to deliver the message of One world, one globe, David Medewar is travelling around the globe with a target to visit 195 countries at the fastest pace.
He presents a self designed flag to a self chosen ambassador of each country. Whenever he finishes his one trip, Mr Medewar, in recognition of his mission, places a rock from each country at the base of a tree, that will be planted once he is done with his mission.
David Medewar at Preston University

David Medewar at Preston University

                                            “I want us to feel we are citizens of a united world”
His concept of visiting all these countries is to share the message that we are all human unless we are categorized by the color, race and creed. We have kept ourselves in the boundaries of the nation and divided our efforts to stabilize our Country’s Economy,instead of fighting together against the Satin of Poverty, Corruption and war.
We were lucky to have Mr David Medewar here in Pakistan at  Preston University, Islamabad, whereby he was warmly welcomed.

David Medewar

David Medewar

The students and the Management of Preston University highly appreciated the efforts of David, and really felt honored for having him in this University.
David deeply acknowledged the welcome he received by the audience and promised to get back soon in Pakistan.





While his stay in Islamabad, David visited several Recreational sites for pleasure including The Great Faisal Mosque and the National Monument.

David Medewar

David Medewar

“My plan is to bring this message to others and ask them what they think.”


I whole heartedly appreciate the efforts of this man for bringing all the humanity at a single platform and gathering all human under a single Flag of One World.




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