Does Cartoons really effect our Children’s Mentality?

Effect of cartoons-On children's mentallity

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One of the best thing of being a kid is to watch the cartoons because they take us into another world of fiction, colors & virtual reality.





The interest of every child to watch specific cartoons varies with age, gender & family atmosphere. One thing which every parent might ignore while bringing up their children is to limit the kind of cartoons their kids are watching. Most of the parents don’t pay attention and they consider every cartoon depicting nice  and kind impressions.
The certainty of expecting violence and aggression in almost every cartoon is very obvious and we still don’t perceive why are children are becoming so unbearable to tolerate.
Effect of cartoons-On children's mentallityEach and every cartoon, tries to show action in fiction and reality and illustrates that being violent in almost every episode of life and every walk of reality is normal. That’s why our children, instead of understanding the difference between good & bad, try to behave like an action figure and usually misbehave with everyone they meet and interact.

The kind of cartoons which we used to watch ever since we were kids were also of this kind but they were easily competent against some reasonably good cartoon which use to give us some morals. Running and chasing, hitting and crashing, and then laughing at each such actions imitates an image that hurting anyone will give us pleasure and they still would be alive without being hurt for long.

Effect of cartoons-On children's mentallity

Enthusiastic viewers

Children of an early age of 6 months start watching cartoons and at the age of 2-3 years they become enthusiastic viewers. Instead of spending time on creative and constructive activities they are usually involved in watching some useless cartoons which depict a very wrong impression on children.

In her research paper: ROLE OF CARTOON: A BRIEF DISCUSSION ON HOW CARTOON PUT AN IMPACT ON CHILDREN (ENH Community Journal Volume 1, Issue 1, 2014), Sharmin Sultana concluded, that people in her country are quite unaware of the effect of allowing their children to  watch cartoons.

Effect of cartoons-On children's mentallity

Killing doesn’t harm

Apart from putting in your efforts to control the content your children are watching, please do your bit to inform the media about the negative aspects of showing such a content.





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