Earn money online -5 easy ways to Blog

Earn money online -5 easy ways to Blog

The easy way to earn Online is to blog online.

As a beginner, we all look for the easiest ways to publish a blog putting in our least efforts. Nevertheless, yes we all look for alternatives to get our work done without much efforts. To help all my readers start their new blog I have compiled a few ideas to publish a blog in the easiest possible way.




Post Photographs-

Starting from adding Photographs, the easiest way to depict a story, a journey or an art is to click and post photographs. Not to forget that photographers are nowadays highly paid for putting in their best efforts and creativity. So if you have a DSLR – Go Ahead with this or if not then your high resolution Mobile Camera can also work.

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Edit and Publish Videos-

If you are an IT Geek and you have the skills to edit your videos and even embed them, blogging is way to easy for you.  Make your Video, edit in some spices, publish it with a swirl and let it go viral.

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DIY Projects (Step by Step Guide)-

If you are good at something like making handcrafts or projects which you can do it at your home. Divide your whole procedure into steps, write them down along with the photographs.

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blogging-2Guest Blogging-

If you are exactly not sure about your writing skills and your are hesitant about the response you are going to get from the readers, I have a way out for you guys. If you know any blogger in your circle who can post your article on their website for you- you can easily get a know how of people’s reaction . Again no blogger would say no to a free content.

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blogging-1Publish Interviews-

Last but not the least- The easiest and most creative content for your blog can be drafted when you interview a person. Get yourself familiar to a person who has shown a competitiveness in his/her field of work. Ask for their consent- Draft a few relevant questions and wait for their answers— WOAALAAA ! Your blog through the easiest way is ready. According to my assumptions, you may get a better response on an interview blog compared to others. Why is that so? A- Both you and the person who you interviewed are equally passionate to share the blog & B- People are most curious to know about others’s life. (Yeah- so that they can interfere).

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Please don’t forget that you will have apply for an adsense account to earn money after your content gets approved by the relevant authorities.





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