Paris to Cairo – Missing Plane

Paris to Cairo

Another plane yet lost against.

Airbus A320 carrying 66 passengers along with the crew vanished in the thin layer of air.
Considering the past, a few planes like this have similarly lost while they left to reach their destination.
No official statement has yet been delivered by the Egyptian Prime Minister Sherif Ismail but the officials claim it might be considered a terrorist attack than a technical failure. Officials from the U.S agencies claim that the review from the satellite imagery didn’t see any explosion


The flight MS 804 went unanswered by the pilot and soon after an interval the plane exited the radar coverage from airport.Paris to Cairo (2)

Lately it has been stated, the debris found at the location from where the plane was missing is not of the Egypt Aviation.





                   “We stand corrected on finding the wreckage because what we identified is not a part of our plane. So the search and rescue is still going on,” Adel told CNN’s Jake Tapper.

This unanswered mystery had let alot of people thinking where did the plane go? whether this was an intentional attempt to take the plane down by the pilot himself or whether a terrorist activity. Paris to Cairo (1)
The spectators are being answered by two statements totally in the opposite directions. Is the plane debris found yet or not? Is the wreckage found in the sea is of the plane that vanished ? if not where did the plane go?
These questions need to be answered as soon as this incident turns into a mystery.

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