For Your Information Mr Chief Minister!

I had the unfortunate Pleasure of visiting the Great Benazir Hospital a week ago when my father got admitted on emergency basis.
By God Mr Chief Minister, I must claim that your struggle to make the local hospitals a highly equipped health centre has failed tremendously. You have been known to promote the health activities in Rawalpindi hospitals and their management have been working hard to make your dream a reality. But let me unveil this truth.12591794_10207182028340746_733724494_o 12620473_10207182028180742_623297202_o 12620871_10207182028060739_600838054_o

Please have a look at the undesirable conditions at this government hospital. You might have seen the lush gr12637080_10207182029020763_1597112228_oeen lawns in front of the building, but these yards beyond the main building have not been touched since weeks and are having sludge of mud and water.


You might have worked really hard to eradicate the dengue pestilence  in Punjab and these harsh winter breezes might have helped in Dengue Control aswell , but these ditches in the hospital are the main sources for any mosquito to flourish.
I have not been able to capture the whole reality of this hospital but I should suggest you to improve this atleast.12630939_10207182026860709_1965947328_o
I might not take any practical action like Mr Alamgir did in Karachi, but all I can do is to highlight these problems atleast.




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