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Whenever the name Harry Potter is mentioned, the image that crosses people’s mind is that of a flying broomstick, a wand waving or certain magical creatures roaming around, here and there. According to most of the people, Harry Potter is an imaginative world of magic and fairy tale, where a hero fights a Villain, wins and everyone lives happily ever after. The point they fail to grasp is there is so much to the story than this. Actually the fact that this is not at all like this that makes it so special and in a way , Real.

The top reasons which made me fall in love with Harry Potter may be as crazy as I am, but they are actually facts.

1. The first and most basic reason is Harry Potter is so easy to read, no fancy words, no complex,theories just to add spice, just simple writing and not a too far fetched scenario (except the fact that it all happens in a magical world), the scenarios, the events, the situations, nothing is far-fetched.

2. Secondly, you can find a character that you can relate to. Not only for yourself but also the people around you. A nagging nerd, a stupid but loyal friend, a person who relies on others too much, our daily life villains, name it and you will find that character in the book.

Harry Potter Fan

Harry Potter Fan

3. The hero doesn’t have super powers (again except magic, which in magical world is not considered as a super power). He is a normal boy, having flaws and weaknesses, who finds unwanted burden on his shoulders and stumbles many times, but every time he falls down, he dusts himself up and instead of running away he faces whatever life throws at him.


4. The basic concept of the novel is not magic, spells or portions, it is about power, the power of love. If you have the ability to love and show compassion, there is nothing in this world that can break you. There is no other power greater than the power of love and in the end, it is not the fear that keeps people by your side and makes them ready to die for you, it’s your love and compassion that dues.

5. Even a little act of kindness, can alter the course of events in a most unpredictable way. Kindness never goes unrewarded and unnoticed. The little acts of kindness are essential for us to be human enough, so that we can bring peace to the world.


Harry Potter

6. It teaches empathy. This series makes you walk in the shoes of every character, so that you can understand that there isn’t only black and white, but there is also some good hidden in the greys. It teaches to have a look on both sides of the coin before you pass a judgement on anyone because there is a reason someone is the way, he is.


Harry Potter Fan

Harry Potter Fan

7. It is important to support your friends and be supportive. It takes a lot of courage, but it is even more courageous to stand up to your friends and face them if they do something wrong.

It is important to support your friends but is is more important to make sure that your friends don’t go in the wrong direction.





8. It helps you understand that it is okay to be weak, flawed and frail. It is okay to be weird, but what is not okay is not accept what and who you are. Only when you accept yourself for what you are, you can grow into someone that you wish for.


Article drafted by : Guest Blogger- Ms. Samiya Nayab


Harry Potter Fan

Harry Potter Fan

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