Here’s how to watch Marvel Films in Chronological Order.

Ok! so if you are #New Marvel Fan and now when you don’t have an idea about the sequence of Marvel releases, then this blog is for you. The latest trailer of Avengers: Infinity Wars has took this to the next level and the fans are going crazy over this. By the way you still have plenty of time if you are waiting for the film to be released. ( Avengers: Infinity Wars : Release date May 4th, 2019— Mark your calendars).

Here is a sequence of the Marvel Movies if you actually need to understand what has happened so far if you didn’t read the comics and want to get a clue as to what is happening:

1. Start watching my ultimate Crush of all times: Captain America- the 1st Avenger. I am pretty sure you are going to love this man as he transforms from a thin boy to a massive Super Hero Soldier.Do you want to find out: Why do we love Iron Man V/S Why do we Love Captain America!

2. Move on to the next pick- The most annoying Super Hero of all times— Iron Man: You might get a little confused about Iron Man being a super hero or #Villan….Is IRON MAN really a superhero?

3. Let us jump on to the Iron Man sequel- The Iron Man 2.

4. Follow your adventurous journey by watching the incredible hulk (Btw I never got my interest into writing anything about Bruace Banner, but he is cute :p)

5. When you’re over Chris Evan, try to have a look on the great work of Chris Hemsworth in Thor 1.

6. Well, when you’re now done with recognizing the basic super hero recipe of the most amazing Marvel’s creation ” The Avengers” you are now ready to watch the 1st combo of the super heroes– The Avengers.

7. Getting back to the naughty boy ” Iron Man 3″ Iron Man ! Super Hero or a Super Villon!

8. Next in line is The Tall, Thor: The Dark World.

9. Coming back to my ultimate favourite: Captain America- The Winter Soldier. You will probably find another handsome hunk in this squeal. Any Guesses?

10. Here are some new friends from another galaxy- Guardians of the Galaxy!

11. Watch the sequel of the Guardians of the Galaxy & don’t break your flow.

12. And here comes the Avengers- Age of Ultron.
Here is the link to official trailer of Avengers: The Infinity Wars 

13. Hi there tiny man- The Ant Man!

14. <3 Captain America- Civil War is the pick next.
15. Knock Knock Doctor Strange!

16. And before you actually get your seats booked for the  amazing Avengers: Infinity Wars, go through Thor: Ragnorak.
Here comes the avenger
Hope you enjoy reading this as you will enjoy watching all these.




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