How to get a refill of lives in Candy Crush!

How to get a refill of lives in Candy Crush!

Presenting you a sequence of amazing yet simple techniques which are going to help achieve as many lives fro playing candy crush, as much you want. Candy Crush addiction makes us play it continuously but unfortunately the a limited number of lives stop the entertainment.

Ladies and Gentlemen ,I present you a simple way from which you can get a whole new set of lives within a few seconds.
Just follow these simple steps and let the fun go unlimited.
For android users:


step 1. Go to your mobile settings;

Step 2:
Look for the date and time settings.

Step 3:
Uncheck the automatic date and time option.


Step 4: Move your time half an hour for 1 life and so on!

I set it for an hour forward.


Step 5: Open your yumilicious Candycrush saga again.

You get two lives when you set your time an hour ahead! Tadaaaa!


Go back to settings again! and change the time to the exact one!



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