I am not a feminist, I am a Human!

“I am a feminist” 

Yes the topic is old, but my point of view is different on this. It is not about staying at home or leaving home for work but it’s about the women’s ability to manage both. The charm of managing a triumphant happy house and the realization of self-identity should be the ultimate goal “And yes,,it is not difficult at all”.
Probably our society is a bit too conservative not only about the way a girl walks, talks, eat, behave and perform but also about the choices she makes.

There is a general misconception about the role of a women in our society,,,, yes women are not only confined to making the or kitchen perfect but also ensuring that each one of their kids including the husband eats well.

I actually don’t have a feminist approach but if you want me to say that women shouldn’t work outside their home, then I beg your pardon I am a feminist.

Gentlemen; women can do anything, literally anything. If you can’t press your own clothes you need to complaint your mother for that. Doing your own work won’t affect your integrity but it’s a sunnat aswell. If you don’t get hot food at your dining table, there’s a microwave right next to you which can be operated easily by a single push of a bottom. If you don’t throw your pair of socks around the room, trust me it won’t itch on your feet. Gentlemen you are stronger than what you think,,,, and I believe you are capable to do your bit.

Ladies; You don’t need a 9-5 job to prove your worth, your effective 2-3 hours of a day are more than enough to show what you’ve got. You have the ultimate power to be the super women of this society and be a role model for generations to come. Write, read, train, get trained or do whatever you want,,,,,, you have the right over 2-3 hours of a day for your personal and professional development specially when your kids are asleep. Make use of technology around you and work efficiently.

Try it! It’s not that hard. You are here in this world for a purpose, if you don’t want to do it for yourself do it for others.




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