Iron Man ! Super Hero or a Super Villon!


Generally we Believe that a Super hero has all the qualities of being a perfect and kind man. He is generous, enthusiastic, noble, Loving, admiring, helpful ,cooperative and who always thinks about helping others.
This time to save the humanity, comes a naughty one. We can call him the wicked Super Hero, who unlike others wants to be seen and admired.

Iron Man

Iron Man Suit


Robert Downey Junior

Robert Downey Junior


Tony Starck

Iron Man

Most of them want to hide their identity whether it be a superman, spiderman or Batman, but GOSHHHHH he is diverse.

He doesn’t need a plan of attack because he has a plan ,,,,,, Attack.
According to the assessment of SHIELD ,  Tony Stark is a volatile ,self obsessed,  is always playing  with other emotions, play boy , who fights for himself, and perhaps these were the reasons SHIELD disapproved the concept of AVENGERS.
Having said all those qualities, any person may prove to be a sufficiently good Evil Villon,,,,but SHIELD didn’t had any solution but to appoint Tony Stark in their team.
Because at the end of the day he is a genius, billionaire and philanthropist.
And for sure he isn’t about style only.
Awaiting for the Iron Man 4, Avengers 3, Captain America 3( Civil War) or Infinity Wars.Don’t worry all of these parts will have Iron Man in it. Iron Man’s fight with Captain America is soon going to bring clashes in the team and then you will have to pick a side.
Leading to the Age of Ultron, Iron Man was accused of bringing the Ultimate Fear: Ultron alive which let the team and the world suffer from it.


He doesn’t have a heart  like others. He does what he is not suppose to do.
Love you Mr Tony Stark <3


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