Is WhatsApp becoming racist?

                           Creating a new hype is WhatsApp’s latest Emoticons, Racist or Supporting?

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Recently Whatsapp has introduced some new exciting emotions in its list that are getting viral attention from all over the world.  Were these emoticons introduced to pretend a friendly gesture among the people or create a discrimination among them.



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Why SHOULD I SEND A AN EMOTICON OF A BLACK GIL. WHY? Am I pointing at her dark complexion? OR what? Most of all they have a also introduced a new middle finger emoji,,,again with an option of different colours. People are getting irritated over the yellow color emojis they have introduced to depict asian skin tone,,,, But they surely look like people having jaundice or perhaps they might be the characters from the Simpsons.


To some extent they have introduced a creativity ,,,new colours new trend , new style………. But yes ! If they wanted to bring something new they could have worked out on making new emoticons.  racism

Compared to Viber, Whatsapp stickers are less attractive and depict less emotions. But No ! this might be a wrong move from your part.


For some people, Whatsapp have focused in the presence of its Black Users ,,,,to show that they exist.




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