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This blog is in response to my previous article on Islam isn’t for women only, Why? Just for the sake of clarity of my expression. I apologize for any indecent language I used but I didn’t had any appropriate words as the replacement.

First of all, I believe that Islam is a religion of peace and love, neither are you suppose to strictly enclose anyone in the circle of Islam, nor are you allowed to throw anyone out. This religion is the connection of a person with his Lord and all his prayers are too be directed only to him only for the sake of his will.

Nowadays, we have mixed society and religion. I am not particularly talking about any specific area or region but mentioning a general trend on this planet. We have mixed a particular culture with a sprinkle of religion in it, according to our will and satisfaction. But the most important point is that while we are doing all this (i.e mixing religion and culture and generating a new breed of it) we only present such points which benefit only the dominant ones, who are no doubt the male section of a society.



In Islam the first emphasis for being a good Muslim is that he/she should be good at heart and should be kind towards the other creation but for us we can only badge a person a true momin if he/she offers prayers 5 times a day and gives charity. It doesn’t bother us if someone is harsh with his/her tongue/hands but yes we declare him/her a muslim.

Second point, In islam woman is given the position of a queen, she is not suppose to do her husband’s, her house’ or her parents in law’s work. If she does, she will do it because of her goodwill ,,so give her the credit she deserves,,,,if she doesn’t ,,,,,there is no penalty for her. Her job is the best upbringing of her children ,,, that is all. But particularly talking about the people in Pakistan, where women are forced to do the house chores we amalgamate Islam and culture and say that A women should be forced to do all the work, take care of her husband, do the house chores and even take care of the whole family. Why? The duty of taking care of the parents is only of the own child not his wife’s.  But living in a male dominating society forces her to do all by herself otherwise no one will marry her.

Third point, our society thinks that a woman should not go out of the house, if she really has to she should cover herself.  Ok!

What if she doesn’t have anyone to bring her the food, what if her kid is dying ,what if she has to work to support her parents , what if she has no father, brother, husband or son……..! Or what if she is dying herself.

Why can’t we make our society a safe place where women who don’t cover themselves properly even feel safe? Trust me it isn’t difficult,,,,  Just lower your gaze…. If she is seducing you ,,,,Be strong because from your definition you said that  Men are stronger than women.  Believe in Allah and Believe in the power of patience he has given to you.

After all women in our society don’t touch any man passing by, or passes a comment on the person’s look. There is a reason why the rate of women’s rape by men is higher than the otherwise….. Perhaps women are stronger then!

The best Jihad (fight) is jihad bin nafs ( control of one’s deserve for unlawful things) , perhaps women do it better , so might be they are stronger.


If she is doing anything wrong ,stop her,,,, if she doesn’t listen don’t bother yourself perhaps you may be the culprit behind whatever she is doing.

Most important of all,,,,, All the women who have to go out of the house are not prostitutes. So give them some respect which you will give to your mother/sister.

If a woman wants to protect herself the best she can do is to lower her gaze , maintain the maximum contact she can and dress decently. But won’t it be best if she can trust other men and can feel safe without doing all this?

Perhaps this planet will turn into heaven J


Last but a very important point of my discussion is that the dressing of male and female living in a particular region are mixture of the trends of their religion and society. Covering up,,, Orhni is the concept of parda in islam for women,,, not hijab! You might cover your hair with a scarf but you won’t be in your parda if you are wearing tight or see throught clothes,,,,, neither the Burqass or gown with embroidery and different colours with flayers and tight fitting can solve the purpose. So if you can’t do it,,,, don’t ,,, because you are using the tag of Islam to show the trend of your society.

Don’t make it hard for other women who do it properly ,,,, don’t do it just because you are ordered and you have do it as a formality.

Thank You!




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