Islam isn’t for Women Only!

I still don’t believe that we live in a society where you need to dress up to show your culture not your believe or your attitude. Being dressed up in a special manner reflects from which religion do you belong  but nobody puts any efforts  to improve one’s character,

Yes it is true that you first need to physically change yourself in order to change your inner self but what is the idea behind covering a junk of dirt and garbage with a curtain to show that the place is clean.

Nobody puts in efforts to change their inner selves.DWB

The question of being a muslim depends on how a girl dresses up or how a male allows his mother, sister to daughter to dress up? Why!

Is there no order for a male to dress up properly so a woman doesn’t stare at him ?Or by any case Islam is only the religion of Women.

Why do we always mix religion with culture?

On one hand you don’t allow your daughter to become a doctor but on the other hand you want a female doctor to check your females!

Nowadays there is a new trend, after introducing a clear instruction of Quran for giving good education to all girls, people don’t allow their daughters to go for a job. Why? Do they have a doubt on their upbringing or are they afraid of other people in our society?. But dear all, we are the ones who build up the society.


Just for once, instead of stopping your daughter to go outside, teach your sons not to stare or disturb anyone else’s daughter/sister. sexual_harassment_woman

You cannot bear that your wife goes out for sometime to teach some other kids or do any social work but you will be happy if she spends her whole time in backbiting against another woman and wastes her whole life watching an Indian drama.

     We saw women wearing jeans in Europe, we adopted it, We now see women wearing scarfs in UAE, we are adopting it. Not for once we think that Religion and society are two different things. If you think that your wife is obliged to do your work, this is society,,,,,, If you think she is not obliged to , this is Islam,,,, and if she does that out of love and respect, Don’t Mix Society and Islam.





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