MASF-A journey to a better world (Social Work)

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                                                                 MASF -A journey to a better world (Social Work)

     Mainwaring said and I quote   -“Like all technology, social media is neutral but is best put to work in the service of building a better world. Simon ”

Let us go with this then.

My this blog is in particular to highlight the efforts of one of the foundation MASF who I personally believe are doing their best without the intent of getting any personal benefit but just for the sake of winning millions of smiles.
Mohammad Ali Saeed Foundation envisions forming a world whereby people have access to education, healthcare, clean water, self-sustainability, and a greener environment as these fundamental necessities are often ignored to be of any significance.

12783706_1679553655657453_1808706813296050465_oThe purpose of spreading the efforts of Mohammad Ali Saeed Foundation Facebook Page is to let the world know how you are suppose to live i.e by making this world a better place for you and for the people around you.
Personally knowing Ali Saeed, I can ensure that all the activities being carried out by the foundation on his name are worth defining his true self. Living in a global village we need to identify that any scenario effecting one of us whether good or bad is definitely going to affect the other, late or sooner.

Ali was a person having a charming smile with a beautiful heart, ever and ever ready for any sort of help to any person. I just hope that we atleast try to be like him and help the humanity by serving any human who is in need , in any capacity we can. His generosity and willingness to help others was commendable and this foundation endeavors   to lend a hand to the underprivileged people in order to bring smiles on million of faces.

Perhaps we need more inspirations like him and I pray may Allah grant Ali the highest rank in Jannat.
In the recent past MASF has successfully planted 3364 fruit plants, set up 3 solar powered wells in Baluchistan, distributed thousands of free Ramadan meals to the needy, and conducted a very extensive medical camp at an all-girls orphanage. We are all set to expand to 5 new cities in the coming Monsoon season. Their next goal is to plant 1 million fruit plants across Pakistan and I believe we should be doing our bit to help this goal to be achieved.

I am deeply obliged  to Interview Mr. Umer Saeed, Executive Director-MASF. 
In reply to my following questions, Umer answered:



  1. How did you come up with a plan to start a foundation on your late Brother’s name?

Mohammad Ali Saeed Foundation is very close to my heart. My younger and only brother, Ali, passed away in May 2014. He was a very kind and loving person and had celebrity status among his friends. Every time anyone asked him for help, he would go out of his way to ease their worries. In May 2015, we decided to establish MASF in his loving memory. Our only objective is to do good deeds in Ali’s memory, which become a source of betterment and happiness for our people and Pakistan.


  1. Who is heading this foundation and are there any members associated with this foundation?

We are a team of seven directors. As Executive Director, I am looking after the operational affairs with advice and guidance from our Board of Directors. Every person on our board specializes in a certain field and I am very fortunate to have their valuable input for a wide variety of different activities.10560325_1679554578990694_129158551603275250_o


  1. What was the first success of this foundation?

MASF is mainly working on fruit tree plantation. We planted 3364 fruit trees across Islamabad and Rawalpindi in our very first plantation season. To be honest, this was beyond what I had imagined for our very first season doing something completely new. We are also very careful about the sustainability of our plants and I am very happy all our plantation sites are being well looked after and are already doing very well.


  1. How would you inspire youngsters to do their bit for making this world a better place to live?

When we started MASF, we decided to work on education, health care, clean water, self-sustainability for deserving people and environment. We started our work with environment because most environmental organizations believe Pakistan’s glaciers will melt by 2035, and we will become a water scarce country. For all of us young people. How far is 2035? We all have a huge stake in this, not just for ourselves but for our next generation. The time is critical to act now. MASF is trying to propagate the idea of planting trees to mark happy occasions like birthdays and promotions, and planting trees in the memory of our loved ones. If we are able to make tree plantation a permanent part of our lives, the youngsters of today can make a huge difference over the next 20 years.


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  1. From where do you get the funding and how do you keep the audit record?

We have never made a public call for donations, and have never approached any individuals or organizations to finance us. Our family is financing everything we do and we are happy with it. Occasionally, a close friend or family would approach us and ask us to do some plantation for them. For all of them, we issue a traceable certificate that mentions the number of plants they have donated. We maintain a database for every such plantation and can tell people where exactly their plants have been planted, so they can go take a look by themselves whenever they would like.


  1. Where do you see this foundation in the next 5 years?

Our main goal is to plant 1 million fruit trees across Pakistan. We are already in the process of making arrangements for plantation in other cities of Pakistan. Ideally speaking, by the next 5 years, we would like to see MASF very close to achieving our goal and working across all of Pakistan. We would like to invite everyone to see how the landscape of some major cities in Pakistan changes over the next 5-6 years. We are also doing Ramadan food distribution, digging solar powered wells, and organizing medical camps for deserving communities. We hope to continue the work we are doing and bring positive change in the lives of people who genuinely need help from the rest of us.
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