Mecca_Live: Regaining belief in Islam


You all must be getting very curious to know the story of Mecca_LIVE, well this snapshot story is spreading viral where muslims are posting the beautiful pictures and small video of their most sacred place on earth, Makkah.

mecca  (3)

The images and the videos shared are truly mesmerizing and engaging the attention of the many non muslims to convert into Islam.mecca  (2)

The rare and fascinating images and clips of Mecca are are also regaining the belief of muslims during the sacred month of Ramadan,whereby  muslims engage themselves in prayers for the extra reward for the world hereafter. Performing Ummrah is one of the key pillar of Islam and following this practise in this Holy month which is the ninth 9th month of the lunar calendar brings closer all the blessed muslims to a common platform of unity.

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The images and the clips are collected from all around the world and then the best ones are fixed together to make a beautiful story.









It is narrated that the Prophet (sws) said: “A true muslim is one from [the transgressions of] whose tongue and hands, all other Muslims are safe; And a true mu’min is one from whom people’s lives and wealth are secured; And a true mujāhid is one, who subdues his inner self and forces it into God’s obedience; And a true muhājir is one, who leaves everything that God has disapproved. By Him, Who controls my life in His hand, no such person shall enter Paradise, whose neighbour was not safe from his transgressions.

Rich, Poor, White, Black No Discrimination One God One Reason One Religion Islam Is Perfect


Read what Non Muslims had to say about MeccaLive:



2 million people stand in straight lines at the call of prayer. No army could arrange this at this speed

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