Mind Your language- Cast then & Now!

Only a few shows that appeared on the television so far had stayed in our minds for long. “Mind Your Language” was one of its own kind of show which has been able to mark a prominent memory.

We all have been jerking our minds to find a clue where the legendary actors of this phenomenal show are now and what the cast is upto nowadays. Compiling all my searches in a single article I would love to the show the real time pictures of our very beloved Mind You Language cast with a few moments of sadness.

Before we proceed I would like to re highlight some shocking revelations and interesting facts about this comedy show. After appearing for almost years this show was finally cancelled by the Deputy Controller of Entertainment because he considered it offending to stereotype each and every person from a nation.

Albert Moses-AKA Ranjeet Singh passed away in Sep 2017

Mind Your Language

Each and every character played  by one of the brilliant cast ever has given a certain definition to the story line. The cast of this TV play had the collection of different foreigners fitting perfectly to the theme of the show. Though it has passed many decades but we all must be assuming, how the cast of this amazing show turned up today.


mind-your-language-11 mind-your-language-1

Francoise Pascal – Who played the role of a seductive French girl named- Danielle Favre.


mind-your-language-2mind-your-language-1George Camiller acting as  Giovanni Capello





Pik Sen Lim

Alive & Kicking



Kevork Malikyan







mind-your-language-9 mind-your-language-10

                                                                                     Anna Bergman Ingrid Svensen






Ricardo Montez playing the role of Juan Cervantes














Jamila Massey

mind-your-language-3 mind-your-language-14







Zara Nutley as Miss Dolores Courtney – the Headmistress of the school ( Who is no more with us 🙁 She passed away in 2012 )




Dino Shafeeq, playing the role of Ali Nadeem, who came from Pakistan and doesn’t work anywhere but earns way more after being unemployed. Dino Shafeeq also is no more with us.:(

mind-your-language-4  mind-your-language-19

Albert Moses as Ranjeet Singh – A Sikh from India- Working in England’s Underground.
Interesting Fact: Albert Moses is actually a Sri Lankan  Christian playing the role of Hindu Sikh.

You might be wondering how beautifully he performed this role without letting us know his true roots.Albert Moses Passed away Recently





mind-your-language-17                               mind-your-language-18

Barry Evans as Mr Jeremy Brown – the English teacher!

Our very beloved Mr.Brown, Mr. Jeremy Brown also couldn’t pace his older looks for the show because of his ever charming sweet smile on his face. Unfortunately, Mr. Brown was found dead after sometimes in his house. Sources tell us that his death was caused by the over consumption of Alcohol.






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