Modern Family, didn’t expected this from you!

In modern family Season 6, I experienced a mistake that actually made me look at the scene almost thrice to be sure that even such dramas in which people put alot of efforts still can have these stupid mistakes.

Well, as always just to entertain my beloved readers, I want to bring in front that mistake, please check it yourself and share how you feel.

In Season 4, Episode 16th of Modern Family, Jay is talking to Mani while standing on a bus stop.


At 7 minutes, 39 seconds, a lady wearing a black jacket with a brown handbag and a muffler enters in the scene behind Jay and Mani.


At 7 minutes 43 seconds, the lady pass by them and exists the scene.


While Jay and Mani are still waiting at the stop and discussing how Mani should to go to home by bus and how should he sing in front the public, the same lady wearing the same outfit again enters the scene at 7 minutes, 49 seconds. Perhaps they had a lesser number of extras this time, or the lady might have forgot something behind, But I wish they should have shown her coming back.



At 7 minutes, 52 seconds the lady then again crosses them and we cant see her standing next to them, waiting for the bus.



WoooOOOppps! and out of nowhere, she is already in the bus, sitting behind Mani,,,, How ? Nobody Knows




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