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Meet Shehram Akram: Transformed his body by going from 116 Kg to 88Kg (losing 28 Kgs and 14% body fat) by working out and eating clean. It has been 2 years now that he has maintained himself in the new shape. The goal is now to take it to the next level by building lean muscle mass and getting shredded

We. Your transition from 116 kg to 90 kgs is quite unbelievable for most of the people. How did you manage to do it and how you persuaded yourself that you can do it?

 Shehram: Well how did I persuade myself? Hmm, I – like every obese person – knew that I have to make a change or this is going to affect every area of my life. I tried many times in the past to lose weight but I could not achieve anything substantial and if I did it was temporary and so it reinforced my belief that some people are born to be obese and that probably that is why there are so many obese people in the world BUT I wasn’t happy. Deep down inside I knew this must not go on. A switch got turned on when my health started to go down like my blood pressure started touching the borders of normal and my triglycerides (part of cholesterol) went really up. I still remember the test result being 3.8 whereas the normal range was from 0 to 2. I had a fatty liver too with my ALT (Liver function) being quite up for a couple of years. My stamina was really bad and I had trouble tying my shoes as it would put me out of breath. I had always been obese but I had become the heaviest in terms of weight and the worst in terms of shape during the last two years before my transformation. I had started staying depressed and the light turned on when I was looking up weight loss success stories. This gave me a considerable belief that its possible so my transformation kicked off – this time without the possibility of giving up like I had always done in the past.

We: Now towards your secrete! How did you do it. What did it required to have such a determination and finally what solution did you applied?

Shehram: The secret is simple. The change has to come from within. The outside vows don’t help and so many people have failed having started with strong vows. I get approached a lot with this question HOW and some people ask for the nutrition plan or the workout plan etc but let me tell you something, HOW is never a problem in anything. It’s the belief that is the problem. Most people start their journey to achieve something big but with the deep-rooted belief that I am trying but not many people achieve this so I won’t be able to achieve it either and so they fail.

We: What is more difficult? Losing weight or maintaining it.

 Shehram: Neither. The most difficult part is changing the belief from impossible to possible. The most challenging part is changing your self-image to something other than what you physically look like. Say you are obese but you start holding this image of yourself having six pack doing stuff is the most difficult thing. Once you change that self-image everything will follow itself.

We: How much do you weigh now and what are your endeavors?

 Shehram: My weight is around 90kg still but now I am working to take it to the next level by building some serious cuts and muscle.

We: What advice do you want give it our readers who want to do the same?

Sheram : My advice to everyone trying to achieve their fitness goals or any other big goal is simple that please work on changing your beliefs as your self-image is formed based on your beliefs. You change your beliefs, you change your self-image and that is the foundation of bringing a lasting change. You can start with changing the way you talk about yourself. Please stop talking about yourself in a self-limiting way. Stop the negative self-talk going on inside your head. Try to learn about the techniques of changing your self-image. All of this process is easy said than done but its possible and its totally worth it. If you are in a state where you are feeling miserable, making a change is the only way out and to be honest say to yourself that you don’t have a choice really so time to get moving. Start NOW!         





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