New Year’s Resolutions for Working Women!

New Year’s Resolutions for Working Women!

Dear Ladies,
Its hard to accept that our society might never appreciate a working women for her efforts to streamline her career and her family life in a smooth run. No matter how hard we try, we will never get the same prestige for earning and moreover cleaning the house.

Yes, we are different from women who look after their house only. Our lives, our approach, our decisions are all different and that is why I prefer that we keep our resolutions different.

2017 is to approach now and its time that we make our New Year Resolutions and I can definitely help you in making some.

  1. Don’t keep yourself in pain. Let it go if you can’t handle it. We are already taking it too much. (PS: I love this track : Let It Go!newyear-resolution-1
  2.  Try to spend your investment in durable house cleaning products, automatic washing machines, hand-held vacuum cleaners, effective cleaning products. Automatic Washing Machine Tips
  3. Always take out 30 minutes for yourselves in a day, you deserve a good massage, a therapy or mani/pedi-cure.newyear-resolution-2
  4. Train your family, specially your kids to help you in one way or the other. If they can spend 5 hours gaming on a PSP then they can clean and set their own laundry for 30 minutes.
  5.  Keep yourself healthy. Keep yourself hydrated throughout and don’t skip your daily exercise.Beat the Heat!
  6. Walk atleast 20 minutes a day, specially with your hands-free in your ears and play your favorite beat.newyear-resolution-1
  7. Spend a weekend with your family outside atleast twice a month. No matter how tired you are and how expensive it comes out to be but you need to go out with them to let them know that you still care for their happiness.Happy family standing on the beach at the sunset time. They keep the letters forming the word " family". Concept of friendly family.




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