Oh God! Rani Mukher Ji’s and Karishma Kapoor’s Most Favorite Heels!

Oh God! Rani Mukher Ji’s and Karishma Kapoor’s Most Favorite Heels!

Ok so today I am going to reveal the most famous and most aspiring pair of heels that almost every heroin in the 90’s movies loved to wear almost in every next scene.

You might get a shock, but yes it is true. Most of the heroins including Rani Mukher JI, Karishma Kapoor used to wear same looking pair of heels in few of the scenes. You all must be very excited to see those Pair of shoes.

Don’t Worry I am going to share this post with quite valid evidences.

The bollywood Actresses’ most favourite pair of shoes are silver colored square block heels!<3.

Dare not to skip anyone of these:

Well starting with the Family Drama Movie, HUM SATH SATH HAIN.

In the very beginning of the film Miss Karishma Kapoor, playing character name SAPNA! is wearing a very beautiful and elegant dress blue dress! But did You noticed her heel?


hum sath sath hain

Note Karsihma’s Shoes


If they were not clear to you, note them again, because you are going to witness them very often now!

hum sath sath hain 2 morning scene


In this morning scene where Sapna, Karishma Kapoor wears the same set of silver heels while bringing breakfast for Saif Ali Khan in his Dream.



chote chote bhaiyoIn this scene where Karsihma is dancing, she is wearing the same silver colored sandals which she was in the previous scene.

OMG ! This time she is holding the same heels in her hands!

rat bhar sochyayga

In the movie Dulhan Hum le jaenge with star cast of Mr Salman Khan and Karishma Kapoor, the lead heroin loved to wear the same heels in quite a few scenes aswell.

In this gorgeous green dress, I DON’T KNOW WHY? But karishma dressed up with these silver Block heels again!

dulhan hum le jaenge

Dancing in this purple dress with Salman Khan on song, Teri Chunri Sarki JAYE re! Karsihma is wearing those silver sandals again!

tera palu srka jae re! Dulhan hum le jaenge








The next movie which I am going to tell is HELLO BROTHER! starring Salman Khan , Rani Mukher Ji and Arbaz Khan.

In this song, Rani Mukher Ji this time is wearing the Silver Block Heels, but this time these doesn’t go with the dress.

Orangish Red dress with Silver Heels!WOW.
hello brother 1

hello brother

In the same song, Rani is again wearing those Silver Heels with a green dress! Though these heels make her look tall but they look awful with this dress!



Teri chunariya! Hello brother

Have a closer look



UntitledIn this Movie! Kahin pyar na hojaye! staring Salman Khan and Rani Mukher Ji again RAni uses her silver Sandals in variety of scenes.

In the first scene where Rani playing the character named PRIYA! She is wearing those sandals.closer look






This will give



you a more closer Look at those special sandals.

kahin pyar na hojaye blue dress      kahin pyar na hojaye song main


I couldn’t figure out the reason but for sure there was something special with those sandals that the amazing heroins of that time were wearing them so often.



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