Oscars 2016: Racism,Leo, PC and Sharmeen.



Chris Rock

Onstage during the 88th Annual Academy Awards at the Dolby Theatre on February 28, 2016 in Hollywood, California.

These Oscars were a bit of Different and fascinating aswell. Starting from the blame that Oscars were racist
The 88th Academy Awards brought some revolutionary trends compared to previous and his time grabbed a lot more audience’s attention. What did we not had in these Oscars:




Racism/ Boycott/ Protest:

Racism-Chris Rock, opened the house with a statement: “Is Hollywood racist?” he asked. “You’re damn right Hollywood’s racist.” His statement made everyone shocked but this comedian kept on worrying the audience untill he finally claimed and supported his thoughts and opinions with clear evidences. Chris told that was asked to quit the task in this Oscar and support the protest: “‘Chris, you should boycott, you should quit’ – how come it’s always unemployed people that tell you to quit something?”


Rock joked: “I thought about it really hard but they’re not going to cancel the Oscars because I quit, and the last thing I need is to lose another job to Kevin Hart.”



Rock also mocked Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, high-profile boycotters of the event.

Priyanka Chopra at Oscars

Priyanka Chopra

Whereby Prinka Chopra, leading Bollywood Actress tried to sunned the audience by her super hot looks but her hair style deeply disgraced her whole appearance. TPriyanka-Chopra-Oscars-2016he dress which she was wearing didn’t compliment her skin, and she failed to to impress with her overall appearance. Her dress was a bit long from the bottom while a bit short from the top.


Starting for the Long awaited Oscar Nominee LeoNardo DiCapprio to the Pride of Pakistan, Sharmen Obaid Chinaoi have finally made their mark in the Oscar’s List.

For his film, the Revenant, LeoNardo finally got his Oscar on this big night. Considering the acting talent of the great LeoNardo Di Caprio, he has already got around 40 awards and around 6 Nominations for Oscars.



Sharmeen Obaid with her 2nd Oscar

Sharmeen Obaid with her 2nd Oscar

Sharmeen Obaid

Sharmeen Obaid

On one hand, Sharmeen’s focus of highlighting the major issues which women have to face in Pakistan has created a hype of dislike for her documentaries. It is believed that Sharmeen’s documentaries are highly focused to portray a negative image and being a political award ceremony, Oscars have selected her documentaries twice for the sake of making a bad impression of Pakistan in the International world. In my point of view, this lady has worked hard to achieve what many a male of Pakistani didn’t. Please note that there are multiple people who make documentaries with the relevant subject but they never got a chance to win an Oscar for their country. Yes, Agreed…. there are multiple positive factors that should be highlighted to all the world but she alone has not taken the responsibility.
Thumbs up Sharmeen, I appreciate your efforts and would love to see your documentaries only if I had the courage to do so. It is very daring of you to highlight such points and then stand with the truth.
Rest assured, We are Proud to have you in Pakistan.




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