Party Ideas :Best Ideas to Plan a Great Reunion

In this blog I will share the best ideas ( Party Ideas )you might  need while organizing a Grand reunion in the coming month.
OK Lets start with invitation;

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Customized Invitations

Customized Invitation Cards:
The best idea to send an invitation is to send some gifts aswell. The audience awaiting your Party will get a hint about how amazing your Party would be, if the invitations are so awesome.
Go for some fascinating Goodie Bags or some extra gifts in the invitation letter.

Make customized Invitation Cards, and add separate pictures for each card for whom you are sending the card.

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Add some Magnetic invitation cards so one can place it on the refrigerators or TV for a best Reminder.



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Specific Date


You may send some calendars with the date marked for the event which they can place anywhere in the house.


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Magnetic Invitation Cards

Call them thrice for the reconfirmation and send them customized texts messages for invitation.



Ask them for their participation in the video testimonials or the event scrape book to be launched on the event day.
Get their interest by adding teasers on the Facebook Page and  write something about it.

Make a facebook page or a group and invite the attendees on it to get their confirmation.
Ask them to spread the word.

Chose the best and unique menu for the catering.

Best Party Ideas

Flying Lanterns.

Try something unique in the event, like flying lanterns, candles , writing on the board and so on.

Create an amazing Ambiance for entrance that will give your whole event a fresh look.
Go for a customized or Theme party.
Make a specific Corner for Selfies and Pictures and the best part could be some interesting props.



Select the best music and make a list of all the songs prior the day of the event.

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Add some surprise elements.

Party Ideas


Plan some interesting Giveaways for your guests once they leave, trust me it will keep them wanting for more parties.

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Best Party Ideas

Give aways




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