Plans for a perfect Birthday

Birthday !

Is your day!birthday-candles-460x300

Its the only day in the whole year during which every single person in your life whether friends or family gives you importance whether you deserve it or not!  :p

Though you might not get a long happy wish but still a simple Happy Birth Day Greeting can make your day.

For people like me, who wish to count how many people wished you on your birthday, its always a time of the year on which you want a special attention from every one, even from people which you hardly know.

For me a perfect Birthday starts with a counter strike of Birthday wishes, tan tan tan tannnnnnnn!

your mobile phone, your facebook account , your twitter account and every person present within your house should greet you with these magical words.

But definitely  you want a wish which is most special from the rest.!

Sometimes its good fall asleep at 12 o’Clock in the evening and then to check all the greetings in the morning but few people cannot bear to wait for so long , ahhaha ,like me.:p


c972235435a655a590af8364edde7721The best and cutest surprise could be getting up with lots of pretty and colorful balloons over your head, just right above the bed.









Then a sweet combined wish from your family members.

Even though you expect to celebrate your birthday with quite expectations but still a desire for a special surprise keeps you awaited.

Birthday celebrations with your loved ones, your family , your friends and lots of gifts ! wow. It can make anyone happy. For me the best part of the birthday would be to light the flying lanterns at night and let them go up in the air.tumblr_inline_miusy6AZEg1qz4rgp

Ridding a horse, shopping with friends, best spa treatment, rides and lots of laughter can change anyone’s mood and when its your birthday! Feel the good to max!    tangled-2  tumblr_mcb9b4CKep1r9043bo1_500




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