President Obama Publishes a Scientific Paper!

extra_large-1468416076-obama-with-science-medal-winnersIt has been a while where you might have heard about a political personality getting involved in science & literature activity more than anybody else working for the public benefits. It is definitely a sore point, neglected in each era by any governance to give priority to scientific research in order to facilitate the population with upcoming researches and innovation. Lately, the President of one of the most sovereign country (United States of America) which elected a Black American as their president openly declared their wisdom and intellect, published a scientific paper in one of the leading International Journals.

Most political personalities and specially the people living in White House  (Washington DC) never managed to spare time to draft some scientific stuff  but President Obama takes it to a different route.


John Holdren, President Obama’s Science advisory openly stated about Obama’s interest and curiosity in science and technology. Holdren mentioned that President has always preferred spending time in asking Scientific questions instead of spending time with sports personality. He really enjoys it!, Holdren stated.content-1468416313-jsc160013f1

Obama lately joined the Ranks of Public Health Researchers and presented his most famous work refereed to as OBAMA CARE.

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