Saad Farukh Khan- Odyssey towards Stardom

                                     “Life’s like a play: it’s not the length, but the excellence of the acting that matters.”

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Saad Farukh Khan

Saad Farukh Khan


After a being a part of a mesmerizing & patriotic Theater drama- Siachen, Saad Farrukh Khan-AKA Musa Khan grabbed the attention of thousands. Saad is an immensely talented actor with some real aspiring good looks and skills. For no reason we can overlook this upcoming star as he is already a part of some great pieces of art.

Not going with the questions in norm, most of us know who he is our questions were a bit fast forward.

Foreseen as a potential Star of tomorrow we had the pleasure to interview this amazing guy.

Q. Your theory about Acting? What is being an actor for you?

Acting to me is very spiritual.My theory is simple for it.It’s observe,absorb and perform. As an actor you have to hear things. And by hearing i don’t mean through your ears only but with all of your senses.This might sound strange to someone who hasn’t gone in depth of acting but this is how it is. You have to be a very good observer and then you should know how to repeat it yet be sure of your performance as “Believable”. As long as you look believable to the audience,you are good. Being an actor for me is very special and very painful as well.Al-pacino says “an actor is always an emotional athlete”. You should have strong nerves for it or you will lose your self to it without even realizing.




Jamal Shah

   Jamal Shah- Needs No Caption

“I have found him as a very keen observer and a very hard working boy.He is intelligent enough to interprete things and act rightly”

DG PNCA – Jamal Shah






Q. Where did you start it first?Saad Farukh Khan

I would say it started me when i was 6. At that time i didn’t even know i was acting but my family would make me stand infront of them and they would make me mimic my school principal,our shopkeeper and other people I had around me at that time. Then I started doing theater in my college for the love of acting.That was a boys college and they would have no girl obviously to play a female character.I used to be their Sultana, Anarkali and several other characters because for me there was no shame in it. It was all acting and entertaining myself along with people too. I have been doing professional theater for the last 7 years now.


Q. Was being an actor your childhood dream or if not when did you realize about it?

I dont know. I think No. I didn’t know about acting is a profession. When i was 10,few of my cousins came to see us in our summer vacations.One of my cousin brought few cassettes.On one of their covers i saw picture of Shahrukh Khan.By then i didn’t know about him because we had no VCR or Cable at home. I asked my cousin about SRK and she told me that he is a Superstar. I had the germs of acting within me but i loved that title,a Superstar. I told requested them to show me some of his work and “Kabhi khushi kabhi gham” was the first movie i watched. Specially the scene when Srk stepped out of Helicopter. I yelled “This is the same guy on cassette cover”. Later i came to know about it that acting is a profession.Whatever i had been doing infront of my family,if i do it in front of people i will earn money and i will be rich.



Azeem Sjjad

 Azeem Sajjad

I have worked with Saad on and off since last six years and I find him a very ambitious and multi talented person. He is an amazing actor and overly innovative director. I predicted long time back and still stand by my statement that one day he will rise as a super star and make history by his work commitments.

   Writer, Actor & Producer –  Azeem Sajad



Q. Who do you follow as an actor & as a director (Ap ks k Fan hain?)

I don’t follow anyone because i know that i can’t.For that matter,no one can. Everyone has his own track.Everyone carries a bundle of experiences that only he or she had so it would very foolish to say that i am following someone.Things might never happen to you the same way as they did to him. But yes good work and their struggle always inspire me. I loved what Dilip Sahab did,i have learned a lot from the struggle Shahrukh did,i am inspired by the good work of Al-Pacino and M.Brando. Terrintino and Hitchcock have been my favorite in terms of direction. Anurag Kashyap and Sanjay Leela Bhansali from the Hindi cinema.

Mandwa Films

Mandwa Films

Q. Acting or Direction? If you have to choose one.

Acting has always been my priority and my passion. I will always choose acting between the two and i will act as long as people get bore of me and kick me out.Only then i would come toward direction. But “film” is something that drives me. I will do acting as long as i have the right energy for it and as long as i know that with all my physical abilities i am doing justice to the Character.

Q. 1 Billion $ or a super hit debut in a bollywood film?

Miyanbhai ki daring would say A debut and Baniye ka dimagh would go for a billion dollar (pun intended). Well if i would definitely go for a billion dollar. After that i will hire my favorite directors to make films for me and i will act in each and everyone of them, that’s the smarter move i guess. But thanks for pleasing my brain cells for a moment by asking this question.

Q. What is the concept behind Mandwa Films?  Mandwa Films
The concept is very simple. To make good films and show this world our identity. We should stop following film formulas of Hindi films. They are wonderful,they are great BUT for them. Mandwa films has to nurture the best talent we have and make films that highlights our issues. A guy taking his girlfriend in a sports car and dating her on the peak of a snowy mountain,this is not our culture.This is not how it happens. Going fictional is good but it shouldn’t completely hide your identity. Plus, if you can see there is this lady in our logo. I would want to make films under our banner which could show Women as our true heroes.Enough of showing men doing everything for everyone. I am not negating their role at all but it’s just that i am highlighting women a bit more. I hope our investors and producers start accepting such scripts as well. I would request them to step forward,i will make films for you that will become your national identity but only if you dare to do something out of the box.

Q. How did being a part of KopyKats’ Production paved your way?
Kopykats productions and specifically i would talk about their theater play “Siachen” ; has helped me a lot in getting closer to the definition of Acting. Those 200+ performances have taught me something i couldn’t learn otherwise.Theater always teaches you a lot. People loved the play and they loved my character “Musa Khan” as well. Anyone who has watched this play would always remember Musa Khan and i am grateful to Kopykats for this.


“Saad Farukh is an extremely talented actor. He is very hardworking and sensitive when it comes to preparing his character.Yes he is filmi too.”


                                                   Dawar Mehmood (C.E.O Kopykats productions) 




Q. Lets suppose you are selected for a film in Bollywood which actress from either country would you like to be pared with?
I would love to play any character with Jaya Bachchan jee,what an amazing persona she has. Aaliya Bhatt is also a very good actor. Deepika Padukone has always been amazing on screen but if you include Pakistani actors as well in that list then i would definitely name Hajra Yamin . She is an amazingly talented actor this country could ever get to see. I have done theater with her.I would love to act opposite to her in films. Being very truthful,i have learned a lot from her.She has this energy which makes me feel that she has a really long way to go.



Q. Any craziest Fan moment?
I will quote an incident here which i can never forget. In 2012 i used to play a funny character on a local television channel. One day i was getting grocery for home when a man came to me and he said “I want you to meet your fan”.And then he requested me if i could go with him for 10 minutes to his place for it.He lived nearby so i went with him.It was a very old,not in so good condition type of apartment. He called his seven years old son who was sleeping at that time in his blanket. He told him that “Dekho beta kisay le k aaya hun..beta Cherry aaya hai” (Cherry was my character’s name) When he heard my name he jumped off the blanket and I can’t explain it in words what did i feel when i saw him. He was suffering from some strange disease along with Skin Cancer. I couldn’t feel anything else around me and i was numb. That kid started laughing and wanted me to sit with him. I couldn’t get out of shock completely then his father whispered in my ear “Doctor kehta hai iske paas bus kuch hee din hain,tv pe kuch nai dekhta lekin aapka show kabhi miss nahi kerta”. I looked at that man and then at his wife. Both were crying. I sat with that kid for a while,talked to him.Kissed him on his forehead and then i left. I still get goosebumps when i recall the whole incident. You do get to see your fans,they click pictures with you,takes your autographs but then you get to see altogether a different aspect of your work on the lives of people. I may never be able to forget that kid.



Q. Did you ever act crazy in public, which  you now regret because you are getting known with time?
Oh yes i have done that a lot. My teachers know this about,i am a restless creature. I have two sides to me,the first one is very philosophical one who thinks about each and everything in depth. I find a corner for myself and stay quiet. The other side is of a mischievous kid.Which also comes out at times and do things that he wants.Both sides doesn’t harm anyone at all so as long as i am happy with them,i will keep on doing things no matter how much fame do i get. This is the thing,i think one should never forget who he is originally for something which he knows won’t last forever.




Q. Your future endeavors?
Well,i want to act. Act a lot and act everywhere.Apart of the peace that i get from my work,i am working to get recognized.Being no support from anywhere else,with no Godfather around,i want to make it big Insha’Allah. I am on it. And i want to make it big Globally.





Sneak Peak: Saad has recently signed his new TV project with See TV and would appear in a Pakistan Feature Film.

Dear Saad, we all are waiting to see you in upcoming dramas and yes, if we can’t have a SRK in  Pakistan then a SFK would do the needful.




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