Shahid Afridi: We want you back in the team

Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi Boom Boom


This article is about the favors and fame that the greatest entertainer and the best hitter of the ball, the Legend Shahid Afridi has given to Pakistan. He might have failed to perform efficiently in all the matches where he could have, but he had always tried his best to deliver THE BEST. We cannot expect to see a T20 match of Pakistan without this man, Shahid Afridi.




Considering the records which he has already made, we can never forget the services he has offered to Pakistan.

Starting from the Fatest Century on the least balls to the most Man of the Match Awards.






From the Bowler of the year-Cricinfo Awards 2013 to the 2nd Fastest 100 & 50.
From hitting the biggest 6 in the Cricket History to the record of hitting the most sixes in the world, It was all about Lala.
The teams always had a fear of facing this young determined man who was the definite game turner of all matches.
Whatsoever was the situation of the match, all the eyes were on him alone.

Because T20 was his game, Shahid Afridi was the highest Wicket Taker in this format.
If he cannot bear the responsibility of being a captain in the team he can atleast be part of the team.
I am pretty sure that his presence only is going to give night mares to the opponents.Let us raise our voice and join our efforts to bring back this great legend in to the team again because this Boom Booom is not going to come again soon.



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