Siachen; A war of NO Clue! Kopy Kat’s Production

A simple Rs.5/ bread needs Rs.10000/ to reach a soldier at Siachen. 


My this blog is about a theater play Siachen, Written by Anwer Masood and directed by Dawar  Mahmood.


The theme of this play is basically to highlight the hardships of soldiers which he faces in the hell of Cold.

Each year both the countries, Pakistan and Bharat spend billions of dollars to defend this glacier at both their ends.

Reason,,,,,, just to occupy a land of no use. Such low temperature cannot allow a single life to grow there and still both the countries are fighting over it. Each year hundreds of soldiers are killed at Siachen, not by the enemies but by cold.

What if both the armies settle down to a Peace Zone and what if both the armies don’t cross the borders. Isn’t it a better Option?

The struggle of a soldier who spends years over that cold fire can only be understood by their families.

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According to some valid sources, the male actors who were part of this great theatrical play had to go through a 3 months Army Training, whereby they were not allowed to interact socially but were ordered to follow a strict Army diet and Habits.12065922_1082662461768070_4094830933832184360_n 11923232_1051192651581718_5325696010556703726_n

I wonder some of them do have a tough Body no. Lol.



The directing team visited many universities and Arts Counsils to explore these gems who could actually portray the character needed to be presented.



12065922_1082662461768070_4094830933832184360_n 12187757_1080591228641860_100091831619987889_n 12143174_1075833272450989_7091871143643596699_n 12119092_1075817479119235_1199385615389577728_n 12115883_1077572065610443_4027117103817818568_n 12112317_1076261805741469_6937629859549198577_n 12111975_1076263319074651_5335969541816078122_n 12096579_1078303732203943_1063641298035227201_n 12107039_1082408465126803_6875325820633228573_n 12109283_1075835295784120_3820759587992852032_n 12096491_1076260869074896_4920682920393929098_n 12088450_1076260639074919_3417830421471038210_n 12074955_1075768972457419_2018697108868926575_n 12074567_1076262412408075_2077808037292490936_n

But they had found their Real Treasure.

Team Siachen:siachen-cast




I still don’t have words for this great play. it had humor, drama, tragedy, action and yes it had the power to attract the audience’ attention. The effects, sound and Dialogue were all so perfect.!

                                       DSC_4987-copy 12066026_1083941798306803_2367300160463354362_n 563599d4cc956                                     Simply Loved it.

Interesting FACT:

All most all the actors had a chance to visit the Siachen Glacier by themselves and meet the soldier there…….! Wow I wish I could go there. Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Kidding. Can’t survive Cold(that much Cold).
12006370_1067006060000377_1027281736198520196_n 12047191_1067306083303708_5414563322090582345_n 12042992_1066473936720256_8476918227274988609_n 12074547_1069081539792829_2675298373700973843_n 12106892_1073029446064705_4247385346265012583_n 12107199_1070411019659881_7625017209913732061_n




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