Spoilers of season 9 The BigBang Theory

And we miss you the big bang theory
It’s been a while we all had a great laugh on the sarcastic jokes of our very beloved Sheldon Cooper.
Our pretty Penny didn’t appear in front of us and we miss her so badly.
I wonder how Howard and Bernadette are coping up with Howard mother’s death.
Did Penny and Leonard got married?????and what about Raj, is he still with his new attractive girl friend.


In the last episode of season 8, Penny and Leonard were going to Las Vegas to get married but on their way Leonard confessed about kissing another girl while he was on ship. Which might be the turn over in the next season.

Well but I have a spoiler for our tbbt fans.



“We pick up a few hours after the Season 8 finale,” executive producer Steve Molaro revealed to the media outlet at Comic-Con:. “Leonard and Penny were headed to Vegas, and we’re going to catch up with them right there.”


Another most awaited moment of tbbt next season would be the response if Sheldon was about to propose Amy.
Well we are not sure about that but sources have revealed that the premier episode of season 9 is going to show it all. Though the story line tells us that Amy is motivated to move on to pursue her future but she might not be willing to get involved with any other person because whatsoever he will not be Sheldon.


The premier episode of season 9 will be on your television screens on September 21st.




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