Sunnahs to be performed on Eid Day

Sunnahs to be performed on eid:

  1. Take a bath. (Abdurazaq, 5754)Wonderful-water-systems
  2. Wear either new or the best clothes and for men applying itar(perfume) (Bukhari 886)
  3. Before leaving for Eid Namaz, eat an odd number of dates. (Bukhari 953).Dates
  4. If a woman is not praying, she should attend the combined prayers and other should encourage her aswell. (Bukhari 971).
  5. Going to Eid Prayer.
  6. Saying Takbir from the morning till the imam starts the eid prayer. (Ibn Syatbath,5621).
  7. Greeting one another warmly. (Al fath-2/446).Eid-hug-Photo-Wishes
  8. Take a different path you took to return from the prayer area. (Bukhari 986).  eidprayerlahore



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