Things that happen to a fresher in University.

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The first day in your university is kind of tough one for almost each one of us, though we are all very excited for a new environment , new friends, and new chapter of life but The Threat of Being Ragged is really eating you in from inside.



I have listed a few things which you might feel happened to you at your firs day at the university. If you didn’t go to the university yet, then be prepared because you will face all these consequences once you enter the door of your graduation.

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You are definitely highly motivated


1. You think of yourself as the most lonely person on this planet.v (6)

2. You always end up in taking your class in wrong class room.

3. You don’t find your class mates sitting around you to be interesting.v (2)

4. You feel to be the lonely one, and feel terrified because you don’t have    anyone to accompany you for the lunch. And that’s why you don’t feel like     eating anything.v (3)

5.  If you are a girl;

You kind of think that every single boy is kind of hitting on you!

If you are boy;

You pretend to seek a new girl friend in every single girl you see and imagine what if sh becomes your friend.

6. When teacher asks from which previous institute are you?    You probably feel a little ashamed to say it loud.

7. When teacher asks how many you brought the book for the first class,

When you have one:

You pretend yourself to be the lucky one with all eyes on you.?MONSTERS UNIVERSITY?  (L-R) MIKE and SULLEY amongst other monsters. ?2013 Disney?Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

When you don’t have your book:

You kind of ignore everyone, especially the teacher.

8. If you are the one who tried to impress everyone in the class and of course the teacher, then without a doubt you are going to be the most  lucky dude for the whole time. Everyone will start expecting more from you when you won’t be able to do so.

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